we usually go to story time on wednesdays in the neighboring "big city".
last week we started attending tuesday story time in our small little town too.
it was fun and i thought it might be a good way for aubrey to meet some little ones that might be in her kindergarten class in two (sniff sniff) years (sniff sniff!).

after that we went straight to pick up janey for lunch.
it was a beautiful day and one of the first times we have actually been able to get out of the car and run around the park in quite some time.
hide n seek was the game of the day.

tag...you're it.

oh this little ragamuffin of mine has a mind of her own.
and she doesn't mind sharing it.:)
it wasn't easy getting these two to stop long enough for a photo.
so glad i captured this one though...look at the love!:)

we came home after dropping janey off and scootered, and swinged and jumped.
why does 79 suddenly feel so hot??
just kidding.

silly little computer/email issues
sheets to be put back on beds
crumbs everywhere i look....
but that's life right?
then i get a call from the preschool we really wanted aubrey to attend next year.
as of yesterday they only had afternoon spots and i was so torn about what to do.
i just couldn't wrap my head around mornings as usual then bringing my winding down needing a break 4 year old to school.
but guess what....someone changed their mind and now we got into the morning class!!!
i feel like it is the best little news we have gotten in so long!
my heart is singing and my mama mind can rest.
we have a plan for next year.

even though i much rather be doing this all day.
have a happy day,


  1. Love your pictures Cindy...and yes...I agree. We always did mornings...afternoons are for cuddling. : )

  2. I was the same way about preschool mornings were the best.
    Wonderful pictures...looks like spring around your house.

  3. So glad you got the pre school you wanted. It's amazing how much those things weigh on our mama hearts:).

    Try not enjoy everyday you have with her!

  4. That's wonderful news!
    These are beautiful pictures Cindy, the one of the girls laughing and talking is so precious :)
    Have a wonderful week with your little loves xo

  5. Oh that first photo of Aubrey in the navy dress in front of the red tulips.... frame it and put it in your kitchen!!!!! :) Don't get me started on sniff sniff Kindergarten... sometimes I pretend she's not at all day kindergarten and just upstairs (don't tell anyone I'm that crazy) It's awful when you feel meant to be home with a little one but the time does fill (it's just that your heart doesn't again until they're all home with you) :) xoxo tara

  6. Aubrey looks so sweet in that picture with the tulips. I love that one. I agree with Tara, frame that one. I love that you got Janey for lunch. I know that is so special to your girls! I will be sniffling right along with you over the next few years. I'm trying to prepare my heart for this summer, then kindergarten, but I went ahead and had a good cry over it the other night. Hugs.