{Happy May Day}

it's may.
this month always feels a little bit crazy to me.
one foot still in the school year...one foot in summer.

sometimes I think my head might explode with all the big crazy plans it dreams up.
re-doing the basement into an art/preschool/lounge/reading/creating area.
planning craft activities for the girls and
field trips to cool amazing places.
revamping the living room.
painting furniture.
sewing something.
planting flowers.

then I take a breath and sigh.
and try to get my feet back on the ground.

do you ever feel like you never sit still or stop moving or turn your brain off all.day.long?
i do
a lot.

today we celebrated the beginning of may with panera, the library, an impromptu play date on the porch with friends and a bike ride around the block.
never picked up the camera once.
not even my phone camera actually.
so here are a few of my faves from may's gone by.


bring your family to lunch day

lunch date at the park

hope your may is marvelous,


  1. Cindy...coming here is like sitting at your kitchen table with a cup of tea...I will bring muffins!...it is so warm and cozy.... Happy May, friend!

  2. Happy May Day, and yes, I feel like that often...like I never sat down and never stopped going all day long. I wonder sometimes how I do it, then I remember....moms are superheroes! :)


  3. Oh Cindy, we are oh so far from one foot in school, one foot in summer. Here in CT they do waaaay too many days of school. We go til the end of June!!!!! And once 70 and sunny hits I just want the routine to end, their after school activities to end, my spring responsibilities to end. Ugh!

    Anyway, I know what you mean by projects. I just took down our dining room curtains and right now their are holes in the wall and nothing is up. I know what I want to buy and hang but my hubby is so unavailable this spring to do extra little projects for me so it'll just have to wait. Sometimes when I think about the house projects I want to do I stop myself and say, "gosh tara, just do the dishes in the sink and that'd be an improvement!" xoxo tara

  4. I agree...May is such a crazy time...and the anticipation of summer makes it exciting as well. Sounds like you have lots of projects going on...hope we get to see what you're up to!

  5. Ahh Cindy I loved looking back at these pictures of the girls, I remember little Aubrey looking that little!!! Happy May to you and your family xo