{Our Last Monday}

today began our last week of the school year.
this means no more quiet mondays with just dave, aubrey and me.
the whole herd will be home next week!:)
panera for breakfast and grocery shopping will look and feel a bit different...

and lunch dates won't be as quiet and will require a lot more food!:)
today we did our normal thing.
got some things done.
ran back to school to bring someone their glasses.
washed the car.
folded the laundry.
jumped and played and watered the plants.

 and it was nice.
summer is upon us and it feels good.
I think?
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
a cool breeze
a perfectly toasted bagel
a yummy dinner
a clean car
summer is here


  1. Cindy...I was just thinking the same thing...how happy I am for summer, but sad for the fact that the days Flynn and I have shared this year are done...life is like that! : )

  2. Jealous over here! We have 14 more days to go! Sweet picture of you and Dave!
    Enjoy this week before all the FUN begins! :)

  3. Love the picture of you and Dave.
    We are ready for summer as well. I'm ok with the heat, as long as there is lots of swimming involved!

  4. We are on countdown as well. The kids have half days next week so Ray and I are going to try to fit in one more lunch.

    Enjoy this last week before all the summer fun begins. :)

    Have a great Tuesday Cindy!

  5. My littles are just in preschool, but this is their last week, too!! I'm trying to cram everything in that I can, including a pedicure, I hope!!

    Enjoy these last few days!!

  6. Mine aren't out until June, but with all of the half-days and events I only have one open day left. It says "LAST DAY" on my calendar and I am going to make it count! Glad you guys had a great last day too - you both look great!

  7. Yeah for you! Summer is here! Looks like you had the perfect 'last monday'! I know you'd keep her a toddler forever but just think how awesome your Monday's will be when all of the girls are in school. It would be like a date DAY every single Monday...

  8. Lucky you summer break is starting early! My girls get out on June 7th :-) Enjoy the days they will pass by quickly!