...i've been liking the sound of that for sometime...so i'm up and changing it and here we go...
she did it...book three-check!
so friday night was movie night.
and bonus...this dvd came with book four so we are set.
saturday morning was quiet and relaxed.
dave went to paint the lines on the soccer field and the rest of us had a leisurely breakfast/dance party.

i think you might have heard this song playing over and over and over from our opened sliding glass door.


our saturday game was a victory.
oh those girls needed that win.
and riley scored a goal.
bummed i at least didn't snap a picture after the fact, but it was a happy moment for all of us!

janey and I escaped for a quick date.
a frozen mocha and a cherry limeade from panera,
and these two books
consider my big girls fully informed on the subject.:)
how did we get there so fast!?!?

saturday evening was so beautiful.
the weather could not have been more perfect.
we hung with our buds.
ate ice cream
watched the kids
drank wine
and looked at each other at 7:45 and said, "well...I guess it's time we head in!"
those nights are the hardest to leave.
everyone is happy and having fun...but bed time calls.

sunday we had two games an hour and a half away.
aubrey still had a cough and i had a sore throat so we stayed home.
i hated not being there, but our beautiful saturday night turned into a 90 degree sunday.
one win and one loss.
already a better season then last year.:)

and after a long hot day, this guy managed to cut the grass.
with a little help.
hope your weekend was a wonderful one,
have a happy day,

::little weekly goals::
documents and pictures completely organized on the computer.
i even organized my "favorites" too.
do you do that? save things you see out in cyber world...like something from etsy, or a home decorating idea to your favorites?  mine were kind of all over the place so now they are in neat little folders and that makes me happy.
this week is our last week of school, (yippee!) so our plates are already pretty full, but i am going to try and print some more pictures, and start making a pile of baby gear/clothes to take to consignment.
help me with this one...it's gonna be tough:(


  1. Hi Cindy, Perfect weekend mix of relaxing mornings, fun with friends, and getting a few things done... I know all about that yard work... boy it sure takes daddy away from all of us on weekends these days. Wish I could help him but I've never done any of it (and I kinda like it that way :) ) Love that happy song... can't help but smile! Last week... yahoo! So happy for you. I told Anna last night that I thought it was Riley's last week and she nearly fell off her chair. I don't think I should have... don't want her slacking off too much with five weeks to go :) Enjoy the last one and Aubrey all to yourself. Love the list of goals... mines long too this week but gosh when I ever get that Kinder yearbook started and done I'll feel like a million bucks. Do one thing at a time and enjoy it ~

  2. Love your weekend too, Cindy...especially the Saturday evening-perfect weather-relaxing outside- part. That book is wonderful...Madison and Peyton both have read it over and over. Thinking of you as you organize and take the baby stuff to consignment. That is tough, dear friend. Hugs! : )

  3. I never completed my goal of organizing my online photos. That was one thing I was going to do during the pre-k year. Now it's my kindergarten goal. :)

    That is such a fun picture of all the kiddos on the gorgeous deck. Love the way you described the evening. It does sound perfect. And I laughed b/c we always head in early too, for bedtime. ha.

    Have a good day! I have a doctor's appointment today, and I might treat myself to that frozen caramel drink afterwards. xo