{Insta Friday :: week 19-20}

::happy friday friends::

we are chillin at home today. cleaning and playing.
it was a full week, but not nearly as full as the last one.

::here's a peek at our week(s)::
don't let your friends at panera ever give you a free frozen caramel.
especially when they drizzle chocolate sauce in it so it's kind of like a frozen caramel/mocha.
lunch time picnic hide-n-seek fun
I wanna kiss that sweet little cheek
need your hair done...ask riley
need a silly face...ask janey
books for riley, read alouds for jane (harry is her only big read these days),
dvd for me.

singing before bed
the most beautiful hot air balloon flew right over our backyard!
our neighbors were there too and everyone freaked!
there was tons of waving and shouting and "land here!"
hearing the sound they make is awesome.
i would love to go up in one.
end of the year band and chorus performance.
first chair and her bff.
they all did amazing.
i loved it all.
the way they pop their instruments up as the band director steps onto the podium....seeing all their toes tapping... that very second nature glance of their eyes up at him as they play....that ringing sound the last note makes...
can you tell i was a band nerd?:)
(but we were cool! no nerds in our bunch!)

riley was chosen by her music teacher to perform with a big ensemble
about an hour away last saturday.
it was made up of about 100 kids from all over our part of the state.
she was in the drumming group.
they worked all morning on a few singing, dancing and drumming numbers and then performed them for us.
she was so proud and did great knowing so few people.
i was so worried about leaving her there for those few hours to practice...but she had no worries at all! she makes new friends so easily!:)

 dave's version of pollo rosa maria from carrabbas.
one of the many delicious reasons i need the above mentioned dvd.:)
riley had a sleepover and came back whipped.
my first baby
asleep on my shoulder.
jumping at our neighbors.
their tramp is shaded so it's usually the summer go to spot.
and they have water balloons
and homemade iced mochas.

i heart target.
seriously might work there someday so i can be the first one to see all the new goodies.
the big summer section is almost complete in ours.
love those seasonal aisles.
i'm so weird!

salad with grilled chicken and naan bread.
love naan bread.

lunch time fun with a buddy this week.

she has a little cold/allergies and has been super clingy and whiny this week.
poor girl.

 would someone please do that girls hair!:)
what is wrong with her mama?
ha ha
a new battery operated bubble blower...
that is pretty amazingly awesome!
we have a weekend filled with soccer.
but hey...it's our last one before summer so who's complaining!
dave got that painting project done last weekend!
yeah baby!
i still need to add the cute little finishing touches.

hope your week was a happy one,

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  1. So much to love here, Cindy...but first chair! Congratulations to your little clarinet player!

    Love all your family and friend and sister pics. So sweet.

    Your hubby and his meals=amazing!!!

    And we don't have Target...Boo...Marian always brings me something when she comes, because I tell her how jealous I am of her Target!

    Have a nice day, friend!