{Indianapolis Children's Museum}

this was supposed to be my ten on ten post for may...but i never got to it.
what are the odds that two months in a row i'm on a field trip on the tenth of the month?
i went with janey's class to the indianapolis children's museum.
we had such a good time.
i had a sweet little group of girls with me and we had a blast exploring, learning, running around and just being silly.
it's a wonderful interactive museum with so much to see.
 they were kind of all over the place so i didn't get as many pictures as i wanted.
couldn't slack on my chaperoning duties for a quick shot ya know!:)


another great trip.
 i feel so lucky to have gone.

have a happy day,

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  1. Aw you are definitely a lucky mama to have gone. What a fun day! Love the pictures Cindy.