the girls had an early out day today.
so even though aubrey and i still went to story time in the morning, we all went to the library again in the afternoon. i just can't stay away from those story times ya know...she only has so many left.:)
riley came home with a bag full of goodness.
janey...just one...the goblet of fire.
she is trying so hard to finish the series by Christmas.
she has this crazy idea that if she does we'll take them to the wizardly world of harry potter at universal studios in orlando.
who in the world gave her that idea?!:)

30 pages from the end of book three

i came home with a stack of enrichment idea books for the girls this summer.
i am on the hunt for good inspiration.
got any?
i'm looking to create that perfect balance of
family and friends
work and play
going places and staying home
creating and learning.
sounds good right?

i was so inspired by this post.
my best days are my unplugged ones.
aren't yours?
the ones without the computer and the phones and the internet.

i just realized i spelled rollie pollie wrong...hmmm...think Aubrey will notice?:)

but then i read this.
and i deeply believe in the importance of recording our memories
and i know the value of this blog.
i see it when the girls read it almost nightly and smile and laugh about things that just happened last year. i can't imagine what they will do 5 or 10 years from now.
putting our thoughts and memories down on paper or photo or video is so important...cause goodness knows i can barely remember the cute thing aubrey said this morning, let alone last month.:)

so i will continue with the never ending struggle of finding the balance between recording our life and living it.

have a happy day,
{thankful for}
free frozen lemonade for the girls from panera...they really like me there i think
good friends
funny emails
books (janey's)
sunshine (riley's)


  1. Oh I love your backyard!! When you get the balance figured out please let me know. I can't believe school is just about out and Summer will be here. Definitely looking forward to enjoying the girls and unplugging. I think The World of Harry Potter sounds like a good idea ;)

  2. I too LOVE your backyard!!
    Balance is so hard.
    I MUST try Panera's frozen lemonade:)).......tomorrow!!

    1. hi traci,
      we are so bummed they took away our favorite peach smoothies.:) we were hoping to try the new cherry limeade but they were all out!:( the girls loved the lemonade...a bit tart for me.
      have a great day

      I need your email address again...the one I had before isn't working.

  3. Agreed...I am so glad I have this blog to document the otherwise normal, forgotten moments of this wonderful time...We always take pics and video of the big moments, birthdays and graduations, and dances...but those moments stay in our minds anyway. It is the simple, mundane, daily things like a giggle or a swing or a smile that I want to keep not only in my mind, but also my heart.

  4. Oh, Cindy... that balance, elusive but necessary, huh??

    I too am hoping for a summer full of all those things, trying really hard to to add to much to the schedule so that spontaneous things can happen!

  5. I am right there with you. The balance is so hard. I had seen Meg's post about recording everything and I just cried. It reminds me that we are doing what our heart tells us to by writing down the little things, so that we remember them all one day. I also believe in unplugging when the world seems too much. I hope you and I are both able to find the right balance this summer...we are of the same mindset!