can I just sit for a moment?
feels like i've been trying to outrun a speeding train...and seriously why is that.....????
it's summer for pete's sakes!

i know it probably has a lot to do with our full calendar as of late, and our two week camping trip that is here in 5 days if we're ready or not. (I promise mom, we will at least remember the tent!) but i haven't woken up a day this summer without thinking...
let's stay put today...
let's not go anywhere...
let's not have anyone over...
let's sit on the sofa all day and play words with friends...
let's build every puzzle in the house....
let's paint, or draw, or make something...

but inadvertently something will happen or i will remember a commitment that was already made, or someone will get an invite that is pleaded and begged for and all those unlofty lofty plans are out the window.

do i put my foot down to be lazy?
or do i let the day evolve....???
often times i feel our day sped up by the girls demands to go and do and truth be told i'm not so good with all that last minute fly by the seat of my pants scheduling!!:) sounds kind of funny as i write this...cause i guess that's what summer is right?
ok...it's settled...the problem's all mine and i just have to get over myself!:0

moving on....

really wanted to do my ten on ten post for june...but got about 5 photos and poof...done.
it's that train again i tell ya!:)

our little june bugs were blessed with so many wonderful gifts and cards this year.
family and friends rock.

 and seriously...why does aubrey look six in these shots??:)

want a super easy, super yummy dinner?
dave added those two packets, and a half jar of pepper rings to the crock pot with six boneless, skinless chicken breasts and 12 oz of water.
cooked it for seven hours then took out the chicken and shredded it.
he added a little of the liquid from the crockpot back in to get some flavor...but still kept it not so spicy. (for me)
you could add more if you wanted.

put a slice of provolone down in the bun (we liked the tougher brat buns as opposed to sub buns).
then pile in some chicken.
crazy yummy and pretty easy right?
big day over here.
they handed in their loot to the keeper of the nooks and
instant summer smiles.
and lots of work for mommy!
anyone got any good nook tips and tricks or google play apps they love??:)

so today's the last night of vbs.
would it be so wrong of me to say...i'm glad?
it was great and they loved it.
but 5 nights of them getting home at almost 9, and full of energy i might add, has been trying on these early to bed early to rise parents.:)
so what's going on in your life?
how are you handling the push and pull of the go and stay of summer?
i'd sure love some pointers!
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
sticky notes
the dishwasher repairman that comes tomorrow
frozen caramel/mocha's from panera
(and yes it's official...i'm addicted...but still limiting myself to one a week...but goodness i think about them a lot and how totally weird is that??:))
music on my phone and ear buds
and friends who keep reading totally lame posts with even totally lame-er thankful lists!:)
ha...just seeing if you stuck with me till that final word!:)



  1. Yay, they got their Nooks! Perfect timing! Sounds like you guys need a couple of days of rain so you get to stay in! You will get your summer groove going here soon. I like a schedule too...but I think summer is for just going with the flow and being spontaneous, right?! We have had a few days of being stuck inside this week due to rain and van repairs...the down time was really nice. We have some summer rules in place...no more than 2hrs total each day of electronics (including tv) is one of them. Summer is just too short to be on the computer or watching tv!
    Happy Friday Cindy!

  2. I stuck with you to the final word...not lame at all...and I always LOVE your thankful lists. :)
    And thinking about your coffee is not weird, or at least it's not weird in my world. Most nights I lay my head down on my pillow, and dream about my morning cup of coffee that will be waiting for me.
    2 weeks of camping, in a tent?! Tell me more. That is going to be fun.
    I'm like you, tonight is night 3 of VBS, ending at 9 pm, Boyd in bed at almost 10 pm, fun but wearing me out.
    I'm not really good about any summer scheduling tips, as we seemed to have hit the ground running, and I have felt a little crazy for the last couple of weeks. Like Kerri said, I think it's more going with the flow. I'd rather do that, than have a full calendar all filled up. I hope you find your groove soon, because we will blink, and summer will be over.
    How fun about the Nooks. They are going to enjoy them!

  3. And, I will have to try Dave's recipe with those packets. I've made the recipe with just beef or pork, and the banana peppers. I bet the packets really add some good flavor. Looks yummy!

  4. I was thinking just what Kerri wrote...pray for rain! But not during your camping trip! There is something about a rainy day in summer that lends itself to jammies, snuggling, and movie watching...

    Yay to the girls! Enjoy!

    Have a nice weekend, friend...ooooh and thanks for the recipe! Yummmmm!

  5. I made it to the end :) !!! Ya know, I think that this family vacation camping trip will be just what you need to cure that push and pull of summer. Sometimes just physically leaving your house makes such a difference. And I don't mean just to the park for a picnic. Sometimes ya just gotta get away together. Then when you get home you can really think how you want the rest of the summer to go. Plus.. you have had a lot to do as a mama already this summer. Dance recitals, tow birthday bashes and of course Father's Day this weekend. It's a lot to make sure that all of those special days go well. I find it all falls on my heals. So now you camp and then you relax. And btw... I do think it's okay once in a while to "put your foot down" and tell everyone it's a do all the puzzles or paint or just stay home day. Ya gotta make the summer work for you too. Cuz we all know... if mama ain't happy.....

    Last summer my big big problem was burn out by the second week in August. I still had three glorious weeks left of summer but I was so fried. I know now it's because I didn't ever get out alone. This summer I've already told Scott (who actually wanted me to last year and I ignored him) that this summer I'm going to go to a park alone once in a while or to Target, or Marshalls. Just little things really. But I know that constant noise from the last day of school to the first day of school can be exhausting.

    I've rambled enough. Good luck packing for your camping trip. I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Happy Friday and huge Happy Father's Day to Dave!!!

  6. Two week camping trip?? Can't wait to hear about it!
    We finished VSB yesterday and is was ready as well...very busy week.
    I am going to the grocery store this morning and I am going to look for the beef seasoning....I have not seen it before. I think these sandwiches would be a hit here as well.

  7. Such sweet pictures! I totally understand summer being in full swing! Enjoy!!