{Happy Birthday Aubrey}

happy, happy birthday to our sweet baby girl aubrey.
you are so thrilled this day is here...since you've been asking me for awhile...."is today my birthday?"
we began today with our typical get me up game of find aubrey hidden under the quilt.
first the toes
then the nose.

i'm four!!

then we had good morning birthday kisses and off to panera and the library we went.

today was a hot day...high of 96...so we had a lunch time picnic under a very big shady tree.


and then cooled off our feet on the boat ramp.

if it was permitted and i had said yes...those three would have jumped right in...clothes and all!:)
that skirt keeps getting pulled up higher and higher...how adorable is that?

after some chill time at home it was back outside.
this time with a little self-made cooling off.:)

aubrey's birthday dinner of choice...cheesy chips and salsa, banilla yogurt, applesauce and apple cider.
present time

bubble tape!!:)

:: toy boats, princess sofia books and toys, dress, card games, butterfly wings and a water table!::

we love you so very much baby!!
 brownies tonight and a real cake when we celebrate with your friends this weekend.


your sisters had vbs so you had your brand new water table all to yourself.:)

what a birthday this was.
teary and bittersweet to say the very least.
as i read you stories last night and listened to your sweet voice say all the millions of things you have to say...it suddenly hit me...you are growing up!
today you met a little girl at the library and as i watched your from afar and saw you play puzzles with her and talk to her about your sisters and your daddy...it suddenly hit me...you are growing up!
and as i sit here typing this with the tears running down my face looking at all your baby pictures and the day you were born it is really hitting me that you are growing up, and even though i am happy i am a little sad too.
this year is a whole new beginning for us.
school and teachers and lots of friends.
but i still want to keep you little.
and i know that has way more to do with me then you.
i love you so very much aubrey kate.
you are and always will be my baby.
thank you for being mine and for letting me love you and be your mommy.

happy birthday sweetie


  1. That was the sweetest post ever. Why is it always sooo hard to watch the youngest grow up? I loved the little waking up video... I loved hearing her sweet voice but more... your love gushing. Happy happy birthday Aubrey. Four is going to be such a wonderful year for you. And Cindy, my heart aches for you... I know those feelings well. ~tara

  2. Happy birthday dear sweet Aubrey! What a beautif post mommy wrote for you! Have. A happy day sweetie... Flynn says to be happy on your birthday too!

  3. Happy Birthday Aubrey! I can't believe you're 4!!!

  4. hi traci!
    i know...it's crazy right??
    i would love to see some pics of your not so little guy!:)
    have a happy day

  5. 4 already?! Looks like Aubrey had a wonderful day. She is such a lucky little girl...and you can see how happy she is in every pictue. Love the pics of her skirt all hiked up! Four is such a fun age...I miss it a lot.
    Happy Birthday Aubrey!!

  6. Oh Cindy, she is such a beauty! I LOVE that last picture of her. I LOVE that red skirt, and especially how she hiked it up in the water. Made me smile. It's so bittersweet. I keep trying to accept the fact that they DO grow up and I try to remind myself that each stage will be new and fun and different, but there is something about those baby years that we will always hold dear to our hearts. Happy 4th Birthday Aubrey!

  7. Oh such sweet pictures!! I loved seeing the pictures of her from a baby on.
    My baby will be 6 next month...it is hard to watch the baby get older...If I were younger I would try to talk Ray into having one more. ;)
    Happy Birthday Aubrey it looks like you had a wonderful day!

  8. Happy 4th Birthday sweet Aubrey!! She is so beautiful Cindy, these are gorgeous pictures and I love her little red skirt! Looks like you all enjoyed the day celebrating her...gosh I remember her when she was two, the timeline of Aubrey's pictures are the cutest!!