{Happy Birthday Riley}

happy, happy birthday to our oldest little sweetie.
 no more holding up all your fingers to tell how old you are!:)
middle school and turning eleven.
this is gonna be a big year for you baby.
she decided she wanted pioneer woman's cinnamon toast for breakfast.
smushing up the butter and sweet stuff is the best part.
janey was the dj and played our morning dance party tunes.

later, we went to the park for a picnic lunch.
i envisioned a blanket under a shady tree...
they wanted to eat on the dock with their lunches in their laps.
i think it had everything to do with dropping pieces of bread off the side and watching the fishies.


my first attempt at propping the camera on a picnic table and using the self timer.
that was a hoot...
aubrey fell and hurt her knee and of course it was the sissies who made her feel better.

kisses for the birthday girl.
tell me this love will last forever.

daddy's home...it's present time!

janey was so proud of the gifts she picked out.
she is a super little gift shopper.
:: lots of little favorites and a few surprises::
flavor blasted goldfish, headbands, nail polish, frame, ipod case, odometer for her bike, shirts and shorts, new stapler, bubble tape, mechanical pencils and sparkly pens.
funny...look at the last collage and Aubrey's reaction to the bubble tape...she can't take her eyes off of it!!:)
this next shot is her crying for a piece.


::now let's bowl::

we asked her if she wanted a big party with all her friends and she said no she would rather go bowling with just us.:)
boy this was fun.
we were the only ones there and the girls had a blast.
our bowling names were:
goal scorer
auber dauber
fisher dude and
happy mom!
funny...the girls thought of them.
they ate every bite of that "nowhere near as awesome as dave's" pizza (janey had grilled cheese) and smiled the whole time.
we will definitely be back!

yes...we brought those fancy cupcakes with us...yummy!:)
saturday after a double header soccer tournament riley had her requested b-day dinner.
filet mignon with wine sauce, mashed potatoes, mandarin oranges and carrot cake.
she ate every. single. bite.

happy birthday dear riley

happy birthday to you.

we love you so very much baby and are so proud of the young lady you are becoming.
thank you for amazing us, loving us and making us smile each and every day.
you are truly a blessing.
happy birthday riley


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet young lady, Cindy! What a perfect day to celebrate her! Love the family love in your home...

    And can I just say how beautiful that last pic is? You two are twins!

    Job well done, mommy!

  2. What a perfect day.. She's all smiles Cindy!!!! And that love... it'll last forever, I know it will. Love the Aubrey eyeing the bubble tape... I guess you know what to get her for her birthday! So cute! I know how much mamas love their girls birthdays but it sure is a relief when it goes on without a hitch; and you did it perfectly... she looks as happy as can be! Happy birthday Riley, and a party with your family with some super family bowling fun is always the best choice. Anna's big party had a rain date so it's this weekend, wanna hop on a plane? :) Can't wait to meet you someday... xoxoxo tara

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! I love that she had the day just as she wanted, great breakfast, wonderful dinner, bowling with the family and a picnic lunch! I love all the sweet family pictures.

    Cindy your home looks just beautiful...I think we have a lot of the same likes in decorating. I still need to get around to making the banner I asked you about. You should do a home tour post one day..:)

    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Happy super belated birthday to Riley! It looks like she (and all of you!) had a wonderful day. I haven't been around much because I flew home for the summer :-). Enjoy whatever/everything you guys are doing!

    1. hi bee!:)
      thanks for popping in again.
      funny...i was just thinking about you yesterday.
      enjoy your summer at home and have a happy day

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  6. Happy 11th Birthday Riley!!
    I know I am a little late with these birthday wishes but better late than never :)
    What a fun day you all had with each other!!
    Riley is a beautiful little thing, and she looks just like you Cindy!!
    Bet you can't believe she is 11 already!!
    Gorgeous pictures, your girls seem like the best of friends and it is so lovely seeing the love they have for one another. Have a beautiful day my friend, thanks for putting up with all of my comments!!!

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