{Insta Friday :: week 21-23}

::happy Friday friends::
it's been awhile...so get ready for picture overload.
seems to be the normal state of things lately right?:)
 the first slip and slide of the season.
yeah for neighbors with cool outdoor toys.
last lunch date of third grade
lemon chicken
riley requested it.
mmmm...my fave...thank you riley.
they can't wait for real sleepovers together.
alec tribeck...i mean dave playing jeopardy with the kids.
piggy freeze.
who knew a big bowl of ice could be that much fun!
great on the tramp too.
oh the things that come home at the end of the year......

writing an invitation to her sisters for an after breakfast tea party.
paneed veal with cheesy grits.
chillin with her bud.

how many kids can you pile on the tramp anyway?
daily neighborhood park trips.

sweet summer book.

moved our easel upstairs to the kitchen...best move i've made in awhile.
she had to get a new new bike.
gears were broken on the other one and we decided to move up to the 26 inch for more flexibility.
she loves it.

second best move i've made...a rocking chair and basket of books on the landing.
who can walk by and not stop to read??:)

bath time...i mean swim time.
{look at that chocolaty face!}
i'm cute

 don't ya think?:)
clowning around with jane and making her favorite pose.

looking too too grown -up.
but sweet as pie.

the quiet.

visiting "sunset park"
we may try to hit every park in town.

this weekend we are celebrating riley and wrapping up soccer for the season.
 then at some point i really need to start working on that two week camping trip that is sneaking up on me.:)
hope your week was a happy one,


  1. That was fun Cindy! I love sharing your days with you...
    No way to choose a favorite, but the one on the swing is sooo sweet!

    I move things upstairs too and it is like they are brand new!

    Enjoy your weekend, friend...

  2. I would love to do instafriday if I could ever figure out how to get instagram pictures downloaded! (It's amazing I even have a blog, isn't it?!) I love your trampoline in the ground...I think Brady would love one of those. Is it hard to do...or did you have someone put it in for you?
    It sure looks like you guys are having fun over at your place!

  3. Great pictures. The girls are getting so big. I want that lemon chicken recipe! YUM!!

  4. I can't decide what I like the best... dance party jammies (oh I want those but oh so perfect for your girls for sure) or swim time/bath time. PS ~ love the visit every park in town in the summer... think we'll copy that great idea!