on riley's last day of being 10 we decided to do a photo shoot.
doesn't get any more spur of the moment then change your shirt, grab the camera and pray we have enough battery left.
the light wasn't perfect.
but the moment certainly was.
i forgot how good it can feel to take just one person's picture,
and they actually look and smile and do what i tell them to.:)
...a self-portrait on the way...


and then it really got fun.
we see almost all of these on a daily basis.
plus some.:)

and this one was just to remember our imperfectly perfect moment.

oh how i love this girl!
happy last day of being ten.



  1. Beautiful, Cindy...beautiful photos of a beautiful young lady! What great memories you made for both of you that day.

    Eleven, huh? Rhett just turned eleven...hmmmmmm. ; )

  2. Happy birthday beautiful Riley. I think the lighting IS perfect, and the pictures are gorgeous, and so much fun. The last one of the two of you makes me smile. Have a great weekend Cindy. xo

  3. Oh Miss Riely... you are sooooo beautiful and I can't wait to meet you .... someday!!! (and see some of those silly goofy faces in person) Happy birthday. I can't wait to find you how you spend it!

    PS ~ Cindy, LOVE the cut and color... smashing!

    Happy happy happy happy birthday Riley. Anna sends her love. Wish we were celebrating with you ~

  4. PS ~ is that some almost teenagerish look coming into focus? Go back and look.. it's there... way down deep still but you can see some of that teen beauty getting closer to the surface. She's changing Cindy... right before you eyes. What a lovely young lady... almost 11

  5. What beautiful photos of your beautiful girl Cindy!
    Love the last one too of you guys!
    Happy Birthday Riley!!