recitals are so much fun aren't they?
i was never in dance...but i love the feeling of excitement that comes with showing off what you've worked all year to learn.
the girls took jazz 2 together and janey took tumbling 2.
they both worked very hard and had great teachers.
i took a ton of pictures that weekend.
here are a few of our favorites.







daddy went to the morning performance and of course had to bring his little dancers flowers.

we are so proud of these two and can't wait till next year.
have a happy day,



  1. Beautiful pic of you and 2/3 of your girls! : )

  2. Oh my... are they soooooo gorgeous or what?!!!! I love their costumes. Can you imagine if we had to wear Janey's tumbling outfit... yikes... that would be a laugh! You did an outstanding job on their pictures. I'm sooooo impressed. Big camera for sure! How very pretty they were (and always are) that day. I love a good dance recital; all that hard work coming down to that one final performance. Congratulations Riley and Janey!

  3. Love that they are so close. You can feel it in the photos.
    I was wondering what skills Janey works on in tumbling. Curious to see how other schools teach compared to what Lily does here.