i really need to spend some time thinking of more creative post titles don't ya think?
aubrey was the first one up this morning.
as we got ready for the day and walked downstairs holding hands i thought to myself...
i really miss this. these little moments with just her. when the house is quiet and things are simpler. i honestly thinks she misses it too. i know she loves her sissies being home, and of course i do too, but there is something about the lack of quiet that is taking some time to adjust too. but we'll get there.

so we reveled in the moment and made french toast.

after working on our summer school work and riding to the neighborhood park with friends we came home and i just had this feeling of  "i gotta get outta here!":) this is bad friends...it's only tuesday!!
the house just felt a mess...stuff everywhere...a dishwasher in need of repair-so the kitchen never looks clean, some people happy some people sad, a huge camping trip to plan for and two tinier summer trips to finalize and this overall restless unfocused feeling i could not shake.  so we made a healthy snack and called it lunch, turned on arthur for 30 minutes while I gathered my wits and tried to tidy up and then we hit the road.

we only went 2 minutes down the street to the park,
but it was the perfect escape i needed.
the perfect escape we all needed.

everyone was happy.
everyone was sweet.
the dipped cones from mcdonalds were yummy.
riley said thank you for this day a million times.
it was better.
it was good.
we came home and everyone had a job to do.
riley put the "i hate leaving dishes on the counter to dry" dishes away,
janey vacuumed,
aubrey snuggled in my dark bedroom to watch bubble guppies, and
i got ready for my hair apt.
ahhh...cue the music...two glorious hours of silence and people magazines.
it really did turn into a good day.:)
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
cool treats
hair color


  1. Oh yes, the noise of summer vacay! I love having everyone home but the chaos does take some getting used to!

  2. Love French Toast....and waiting for the new hair pic! : )

  3. You pegged summer vacation perfectly.

  4. Oh hair color... one of my all time favorite things to be thankful for... I'll be in that chair on Friday morning!!!!! Oh the stripe down the center of my head... the girls and I have named it "rocky". I ask them, "so what do ya think of Rocky? He is growing?" How often to you color? I try to go as long as I can but lately that time has been shortening now that grey is mixed in :)

    And I'm soooo glad that you explained that feeling at home that I can never seem to put into words. That restless, stuff out, wanta scream feeling. Getting away even just a tad does the trick all the time. And I'm a big fan of put on a little show so I can pack a lunch and get out of dodge! Then when you come back everything seems better.

    Have a lovely week adjusting to all that extra noise. ~tara

    PS~ It is amazing how much mom has to do to get a trip planned and actually happening isn't it?

  5. Love this. Sweet girls, beautiful park!
    And I'm thankful for hair color too.

  6. That last picture is so cute.
    I love the pictures from your walk...beautiful!
    I know the feeling you were describing here. When my house is not put together just right, and I have a lot of unfinished things, I get kind of crazy. I've tried to say just let it go, but I'm a better person when I have my ducks in a row.
    I get you!