today the weather could not have been more glorious.
i don't think we ever even reached 70 and the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue except for the tiniest puffs of white.

riley went to play with a friend.
they attempted to swim but...brrr:)
her mom sent me the sweetest text with this pic.
good friends with sweet mommy's are the best!

"cindy, our crazy girls are in the pool. their laughter is infectious.
i watch them together and celebrate that they have found each other again!"
(they used to be good friends in first grade and they were finally in class again this year.)
janey had a friend over too and they rode bikes and had a beach party out back.
this mommy couldn't seem to get off the phone and i spent too much time distracting the
"i wanna be with janey" almost four year old...so no pic:(
it wasn't all sunshine and roses.
today at the grocery store we had all three and at one point dave and i looked at each other and thought...ok...somethings gotta change...this is way to "unrelaxing".
nothing bad really...just constant nonstop talking...all at once...walking slowly and taking up the whole aisle like they were at home just browsing for food...riling up their usually pleasant to shop with littlest sister...you get the picture.:)
so we'll see what next monday brings.
but still.
there was something about today that won me over.
probably the fact that it felt like summer was finally here.
this little song kept playing through my head.

so go have a good one
put your records on
and let your hair down.
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
a home full of food
 yummy dinners
good friends young and young at heart (i couldn't say old!):)
blue skies
tiny white clouds


  1. A great start to summer, I think Cindy! We have perfect weather too...70's and breezy...perfect for sitting on the porch! : )

  2. I LOVE that picture of Riley and her friend, and what the mom texted you, and yes, that is happy stuff right there. I'm glad you recorded it here. Blue skies make me happy too! Let me tell you, I do grocery shopping alone, or with Boyd usually...but this past weekend the 3 of us went and I promise you that will NEVER happen again. There were a lot of grumpies and bickering and so on. :) And we went way over budget. It was not a good outing. Such is life right, but I definitely hear ya on that one.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! Such a sweet text from Riley's friends mom.
    I love that song...Thanks for posting. :)

  4. So glad it was a super great day... I'm impressed at how you've slid so easily into a summer happy routine. (well... except for the grocery shopping... maybe just one parent and one girl taking turns?) Sounds like the perfect start to a great summer! House filled with happiness.. that's what summers all about. Recently I ran into a mom at pick up time. She's a stay at home too. And then she asked me what camps/programs Anna and Abigail were doing this summer. Hers are all signed up for all day all summer...!!!!!! My mouth hung open. Sure there's noting wrong with a few special things here and there but ALL SUMMER? ALL DAY? What's the point of summer? Sounds a lot like school just in a different setting to me. Doesn't she know that her kids want and NEED to be home after a whole year of school. Friends and popsicles, playdates and even boring days. I feel like it's sooo important. Anyway.. I'm off my soap box just thought I'd share. Enjoy your summer days. Hope there are many blue skied, 70 and sunny, unfilled days for you! :)