janey bridged up to juniors.
and what a cute, smiley little junior she makes.
love this group of girls she's involved with.
hope it lasts a long time.
i went all the way through cadets.
any girl scouts out there?

friday and saturday were pretty occupied with dance, dance, and more dance. (and tumbling too!)
dress rehearsal friday and two shows on saturday left these two pretty wiped out.
it was sooooo much fun and they did an amazing job.
more pics to come.

we spent what little weekend we had left hanging out.
our weather has really been the pits lately.
dreary and rainy...and stormy.
in fact, late friday night the tornado sirens went off when we got home from dress rehearsal.
we had to wake poor Aubrey up and bring her down to the basement.
i think it might be only the second time they have ever gone off since we have lived here and
for that i know we are so very blessed.
we were all a little freaked out but otherwise fine.

there was a whole big imaginative story that went along with these photos.
something about a pesky fly that was bothering the princesses at princess school.
since i was so motivated by my friend tara's post i got some of it on film.

do you have a lot of home movies?
we have quite a few but nothing quite like tara.
i'm excited to see if i can figure out how to get them on dvd myself...that would save a whole lot of money and be so much easier to watch.
thanks tara for inspiring me...again!:)

sunday, after some refreshing frozen goodness, janey and i did a little birthday shopping for riley.
i was so impressed with janey's ideas.
she is such a great little gift giver.
picking out special little treasures meant just for her big sissy.
riley is going to be so happy.

while we were gone the crew at home was treated to this little beauty.
i guess that dreary weather does have some perks.

hope your weekend was wonderful,
::little weekly goals::
no pictures printed...yet
but i did manage to take a huge load of baby clothes and gear to the consignment shop.
dave took all the girls to breakfast and grocery shopping last monday (! yes i know i'm so lucky!) so i could get a jump start on this very large task. i turned up my m5 music as loud as i could stand and got to work.
it was tough i must admit, but i made it through. i swear the smaller the clothes are the harder it is right? i saved quite a few things for memories sake and because i would love to make a quilt with all of our favorite baby clothes someday.
i loaded up the van and took everything over to the shop the next day before i changed my mind. i almost broke into tears a few times as i was watching them take all of those precious little pieces of pink out of my tubs to load them into theirs.  i even took a few things back as they were doing that!:) funny right? they must have thought i was nuts but i'm sure they've seen that before.
 then as i was leaving i saw this super young couple...struggling to get their stroller opened up before they could load their new little daughter's car seat into it and i smiled. actually smiled. i remember being there not so long ago it seems. i thought about that new and exciting feeling. oh how i miss it, but where we are now is good too. very good. i don't need to hold on to all of those things to remember that time either. it will live in my heart forever.
::this weeks goals::
print those pics and add some new ones to our desk top slide show
that should be easy peasy!:)


  1. I love your weekly goals idea...plan on trying something like that this summer...gotta keep myself on track somehow!

  2. So glad you got that task done, dear friend...And that rainbow? Beautifulllll!

  3. I don't even know what to say to this post... on the baby clothes part. I have to do that job sometime soon but I'm still holding out hope and a prayer that one day God will speak to our hearts and send us back to China to adopt again. I know it's not practical in any way and it doesn't work out on paper... but faith is believing in things unseen... right? Anyway... only time will tell... so for now I'll hold on to the little clothes. It's good to know that you got through it so I can call you when I'm in the thick of it one of these days. :)

    I love the dancing sisters picture... you've got to show us more... I know there must be more... right? And that sweet sweet Aubrey I love pictures of her!

    Congrats to Janey too!

    All happy things in this post from rainbows to frozen yumminess.

  4. Great pics Cindy....love the ones too with the beautiful rainbow!
    Thanks for the reminder to video more often. I get the video camera out once in awhile...but need to do it more! The other night I caught Brady doing a country dance to cotton eyed joe (in his boxers!) and I quick got the camera out! I have some cute clips...but I can never get them to upload onto blogger...it always says the file is too big...even if it's just a short clip. I really need to figure that out.
    Enjoy your day! We have 4 more to go!