{Aubrey's First Fishin Trip}

when my parents were here last weekend, we took the big girls too see epic (loved it!) and dave took aubrey for her first real fishin trip. it was a cold damp day. i couldn't get enough clothes on my sweet baby!

aubrey's thoughts on fishing...
"i caught three fish. my favorite was my whopper. (backyardigans reference) brooke caught two and that number is right next to three. i loved holding my fish (she never really did!) but it was real slimy and so were the worms."
thanks for the fun trip daddy


  1. Yay for her! Love her hair too! : )

  2. Boyd saw Epic on Friday, with my mom. They both loved it. Aubrey's account of her fishing trip made me smile. So sweet. What a fun day with her daddy! The pictures are precious.

  3. Wow... and they actually caught something... awesome fish Aubrey!

  4. That last picture is so precious! And she is right...2 is close to 3!