last weekend seemed like the perfect time to get the girls their much needed new bikes.
summer was upon us and they had been begging for awhile.
we didn't have to look far for aubrey's...we had two little pink and purple beauties to pick from in the attic. we decided to surprise her first, then after riding for a bit...surprise the girls with a trip to walmart for theirs.

 i think the big girls were almost more excited about aubrey getting her big girl bike then when they got their own. i love that. she really is one lucky loved little sister.

we did hear a few..."i want to help her...why can't i get a turn to drive her around?"
sometimes little miss aubrey is just one more thing those two need to learn to share!
i think she kind of loves being fought over!!!;)

i love janey's hand on hers.
she took this job very seriously.

get ready for picture overload.
can't remember when i saw such happy aubrey smiles caught on film.


oh how i love those last two!!!

we parked the bike for a moment and took a surprise trip to walmart.
the girls were super surprised and happy!
they couldn't wait to get home to hit the open road!:)

the weather wasn't really cooperating.
what kind of parents take their girls out for new bikes on a rainy day!!??:)
we rode anyway!

her first fall...caught on film...i watched it in slow motion...cause that's what happens when your mom is too worried about taking pictures then watching you on your bike!:) she jumped right up and got right back on.
way to go aubrey.

since then they have ridden those bikes every single day.
can't tell you how many trips i have taken around the big block with our newest biking beauty.
that is definitely a good thing though.

i have a feeling this is gonna be one bike crazy summer.

have a happy day,


  1. Ohhhhhh how fun! Those pictures, Cindy! Love! Enjoy those bikes all summer long!

  2. Cuteness overload!
    We love our bikes too.
    And, we've had plenty of falls. :)

  3. Oh I love this Cindy! I love how happy Riley and Janey are for their little sister and oh the surprise trip to Walmart... I think you're right... it's gona be one big bike riding summer around your house!

  4. Such happiness in those pictures Cindy! Brady is due for a new bike this summer too...he did a little growing over the winter! I look forward to taking some bike rides. It looks like you have the perfect street for that. We have lots of hills so we always have to drive somewhere to ride our bikes...which means we don't go for bike rides as often. :( Bikes and summer just go together, don't they?! Love all your pics!