{Mimi and Poppy}

it was such a great surprise to have my parents pop in for a visit on their way home from my brother's house. the girls were thrilled, and it was rather perfect timing. they got to see one of riley's soccer games and help out with all the last few days of school hoopla.

no matter how sad janey was after the last day of school...making a birthday cake with mimi made it all better.

what a beautiful day it was.
perfect for a little doggie tug-o-war

i think we need one of our own.:)
early birthday treats
dresses, books and finger paint.
money for her nook and a cool new running shirt

happy early birthday to our little june bugs

thanks for all the
cake making
 doggie walking
game playing
movie snuggling
bike fixing
and loving
come back soon.
and bring those doggies.


  1. Oh what a fun post, Cindy! Visits from grandma and grandpa are the best...and what fun you all had!

    I love the pictures...all of them...and Aubrey with her summer sun dress is adorable! She and Flynn will be twins now!

    Enjoy those beautiful little ladies, dear friend!

    P.S. Answering some questions before my brain fog sets in...

    1. Yes, you were spot on! The red God Bless America candle is cinnamon-ish and homey...love
    The white one is more jasmin-ish not my fave...hence it is a decoration only!

    2.The cream dress Flynn was wearing is from Baby Gap...it is really light and cool too. Funny you should ask...I thought of Aubrey when I saw it! : )

  2. It looks like you had a fun visit with your parents. The birthday cake looks wonderful!

  3. How great to see your mom in "action" at your house! I can see the sweet relationships through the pictures. I'm happy for you friend. I hope they can come again soon. Oh how your Mom looks so delightful and 'easy' to hang out with... ya know what I mean? I feel like she's the kinda mom you could pull up a chair and chat with for hours! Enjoy your weekend, I know it's a busy one for you. On Monday you'll be breathing a sigh of relief! Love ~tara

  4. Popping in presents. Oh yes! Happy summer!

  5. Summer is a much better time to get a dog than in late fall. ;)

  6. Loved the pics and remembering all the fun we had...movie, yummy cake and just talking. Tory loved the extra exercise. He actually lost 2 pounds with all the running around he did. Maggie loved her walks with Aubrey...Tory is a little too fast for me says Aubrey. See you soon in the "rocky mountains high"!!!!!