{Last Day of School :: 2013}

:: first day ::

::last day::

I forgot to take this shot in the morning so we took it after school...you can tell from janey's sad face how hard this day was for her...

this really was a wonderful year for us.
lots of learning and fun with friends.
the girls were both blessed with wonderful teachers and that makes all the difference in my book.

fifth grade with mrs. m
best friends: kayla, annie, jillian, mara, paige and kate
bestest friend(s): nicolina and isa
favorite field trip: springfield
favorite memory: getting first chair
favorite part of the school day: band
most challenging moment: multiplying decimals
tough to say goodbye because: i had such great teachers
thoughts about sixth grade: i'm worried i won't have enough time to get to all my classes, and hoping i do well in advanced math

third grade with ms.d
best friends: kelli, kamryn, cassidy, kiera, paige and kate
bestest friend(s): kamryn and kelli
favorite field trip: indy
favorite memory: meeting my new best friend kam-kam
favorite part of the school day: all of it
most challenging moment: saying goodbye
tough to say goodbye because: i love ms. d
thoughts about fourth grade: i'm worried i won't be in the same class as kamryn, i hope i have a great teacher and make a lot of new friends.

home with mommy
best friends: gavin, kippy, and brooke
favorite place to go with mommy: target
favorite thing to do at home with mommy: play sum swamp
favorite part of the day: when riley and janey come home
thoughts about preschool: i can't wait to play with the play doh and the babies

 oh how i love these three

...daddy was at work...thanks for the photo mimi...
she just got her last drop-off kiss goodbye before her sissies are home for the summer.
every day for the last month she would ask me if today was their last day.
it's finally here baby.:)
i'm a park the car and walk across the street kind of mom.
i think they really like it actually.
the extra hugs and kisses and holding hands.
and it gives us that last little chance for sorries if the morning didn't go so well.:)
today is the last day i will walk these two in.
riley goes to junior high next year (!) and they won't be at the same school again till 6th and 8th.
something tells me walking them in might not be an option then.

sweet, sweet teachers

janey grows so very attached each year and saying goodbye is so hard on her sweet heart.
something tells me these two will be buds for a long time though.

our lunch boxes are put away and our backpacks are hanging on the hooks.
all of our many, many school treasures have been put away in our memory boxes and we are ready!

ready for more time together.
ready for fun and ready for summer!!

summer list coming soon....


  1. Yay for Summertime but sad for another year older! I agree a good teacher is everything. I'm sure you guys are going to have a great Summer. Love the picture of all your girls and you!

  2. Happy last day of school girls!!! I love love love love the photo of you and your girls together. How sweet Aubrey is in that photo all cuddled into you! I'm a park across the street mom too... I like that extra few minutes to fix up the morning if it didn't go so well. Enjoy the beginning of summer! ~tara

  3. Such wonderful pictures of all of you! I bet you have quite a summer to do list of activities :). We are working on ours, have a lovely weekend


  4. Ohhh Happy Summer Dear friend! Beautiful pictures of you summer Vacation Girls...Can't wait to see what you all will be up to in the lazy hazy days ahead...

  5. Yay for summer vacation! Yesterday was our last day of school.
    Love all the cute pictures of everyone.

  6. Love this last day of school post...and all the pictures of your sweet girls. I think Aubrey has grown the most since the first day of school! :) I feel for Janey....as I was/am the same way. I'm okay with the beginnings...it's the ending of things that always gets me. I think I cried on the last day of school every year. I can't believe Riley is going into middle school...she just doesn't look old enough!