{Last Day of School}

it seems like only yesterday we were beginning this school year
(this is where i would insert pictures from last august if i still had them on my computer...!:( )
now we are saying farewell

it was a good year
lots of learning
lots of growing
lots of smiles and fun times

{lovin that look on aubrey's face!}

we will miss first and third grade dearly
our teachers and all the other moments that helped to shape this year
here is a little interview to help remember just a few of them

third grade with Mrs. M
best friends: Allison, Mya, Ashley
bestest friend: Paige
favorite field trip: Indianapolis
favorite class party: Halloween
favorite memory: exchanging gifts in Indy
most challenging moment: state assessment tests
tough to say goodbye because: I had so much fun

first grade with Mrs. M
best friends: Ellen and Kate
bestest friend: Riley :) ahhhhhhh
favorite field trip: Decatur Zoo 
favorite class party: End of the Year Carnival
favorite memory: my teacher
most challenging moment: tying shoes (we can do it now!)
tough to say goodbye because: I will miss my teacher and friends

we had fun shopping for our end of the year gifts and wrapping them up pretty

got the inspiration from a post on this blog
but couldn't find the link again

we gave a wonderful book to janey's teacher as a class gift

it was a big teary hit
amy krouse rosenthal is one of my favorite authors...just love her

for janey's party we did a fun carnival theme {loved your ideas kerri!}
hot dogs
fun carnival games
smiles galore

we had a wonderful year
now off to dinner out
to talk and dream about our summer...

have a happy day,

you can read about our last day of school last year here


  1. do your kids go year round? what a great way to celebrate the end of school

  2. Hi Lori!
    No we are not year round here...I'm just a slack blogger back-dating my posts!!:)