{Bridging, a New Patio and a Spa Day}

janey is a brownie now
her little bridging ceremony was sweet and simple
she was so proud that she was chosen to carry in the American Flag

we love you little brownie janey brooke

we finally got our pathetic old cracked patio fixed
we put it off for a year cause
who wants to spend all that money on something as boring as concrete

we made it a bit bigger then the original one and
we love the extra space and the finished product
someday we would love a roof over this baby
with a retaining wall
a built in kitchen and
a pizza oven
it's always good to dream right?

the girls put it to good use right away
nothing like a little sisterly teamwork to get the job done
lucky aubrey

we checked a really neat book out from the library
it had tons of great girly things to do together
and we are all about that these days
oatmeal honey mask anyone??

have a happy day,


  1. Great pictures! Love the patio! We have a deck that we'd like to replace with a patio...been on our list for awhile! LOL Does your husband ever feel outnumbered with all the girly fun you guys have? LOL Great to see you posting again. Have a great afternoon!


  2. love the quilt background, BTW

    Isn't it nice to have a nice outside area to enjoy during the summer. But yeah, its a bummer to spend that much money on concrete!

    My kids love ropes and tying things up too!

  3. i like the way you're postdating these so they fall into place chronologically ... gonna have to take that advice when I find the time to catch up on mine ;-)

  4. so cute. love the increased patio looks like it will get put to good use