so what did you think of Oprah's final show?
it may sound weird, but I cried like crazy and couldn't delete it.
it was beautiful
thought provoking
and the perfect ending
i thought.
I see you.
I hear you.
What you have to say matters to me.

i love this quote of hers
if i was super creative and artsy i would have made a totally cute sign and had it printed and framed and shared it with you all.
instead i just printed it in a pretty font and hung it on my kitchen window.
a beautiful life lesson for us all.

have a happy day,


  1. Oprah's final show was just as I had imagined it to be. ( I know my friend well! ;) I have all her shows from this last year on our DVR...I wonder when I will be able to delete them? I have sobbed the last week or so after her shows...but yesterday for some reason, I only cried a little. I think if she would have cried more it would have been harder. Didn't she look beautiful? I loved her quote too...great idea to have it printed. Maybe I will make a little sign for my shelf in the kitchen.
    Have a great day Cindy!

  2. I cried after Monday and Tuesdays shows. I haven't watched yesterday's yet, but will today during Boyd's nap. I have learned so much from Oprah over the years. Love that you printed that quote and put it in your kitchen. I might copy your idea as well! Funny how a few words can be so inspiring!!!! :))

  3. Gonna watch it today. When I can find a few spare minutes . . .

  4. I cried too and will probably never delete the last show. In fact I just watched it again.

  5. I have it on my DVR. Need to watch it. I'm so intrigued now.

  6. What an amazing woman she is. I thought the last show was just perfect!

  7. LOVED it ... the absolute perfect ending! I 'green lighted' it so that my tivo will save it forever unless i choose to delete it ;-)

  8. Love your new header! I agree, I will miss Oprah's wisdom.
    Have a wonderful day!


  9. I will miss switching the tv on to catch an episode of Oprah, although I am sure there will always be re-runs it just isn't the same knowing she has finished. The quote was beautiful, my fave of all though is ''education is power''...thankyou Oprah! Have a great day Cindy x

  10. I have not watched Oprah on a reg basis since college. 4pm is a busy time for us...and at 10 pm I am asleep. I dont have DVR (I know I am the last on earth) but with all this talk, I feel I must youtube this last episode...and then buy all 25 seasons on DVD. I do love the quote. I love that you printed it!

  11. Great quote. I love how it means to LISTEN and not speak. So much of the time I catch myself talking and talking and talking and not really listening to others.

    You don't have to artsy to be creative. Printing it out, was moret than I would have done. ha.