{Bridging and Bubbles}

hi there!
Is it June yet???:)
We have had a jam packed love filled last couple of days.
two field trips
dance recital pictures
daddy out of town
plus all the regular things that go on every day
but trying not to complain too much
that's just life right?
pretty soon it will be summer and our days will be wide open...yikes!

Riley is a Junior now!
She bridged over last week at a quaint little ceremony in the park.
With a real wooden bridge and everything.
It was so sweet.

Any of you guys Girl Scouts?
I went all the way to Cadettes...I think.
It was fun and so far the girls are loving it too.
They are both in pretty laid back non-patch crazy troops.
Just perfect for us.

Dave went on Janey's trip to the zoo last week and I went with Riley all the way to the Children's Museum in Indy.  We had a lot of fun. We let the girls use the small digital camera.  I think together they took close to 300 pictures.  Most of them silly, blurry and of quite odd things.  I decided not to even bother trying to edit any of them.  Take my word for it...they had a blast.:)

Aubrey had her first bubble experience last night.
Not quite sure what has taken us so long.
Riley was there to lend some expert bubble blowing advice.

Aubrey was so cute.
She would actually blow a bubble and then giggle and try and chase it.
Not much soap ingesting either...bonus!

What do you think?
A bit of bubble blowing overload for ya?

Have you been watching Oprah's final shows?
I usually DVR it and try to squeeze it in after bedtime...Dave loves that.
I can't believe it will all be over today at 4!
Wish I could watch it live but we have dance after school!
I know you're so glad you'll get to watch it tonight too right honey??

We have exactly 5 little days of school left.
I'm actually quite excited.
I know this is going to be a great one.
I just feel it.

have a happy day,


  1. Your photographs are gorgeous. My 14 year old daughter STILL loves blowing bubbles - I don't think you ever outgrow it!

  2. how fun to use a real bridge. I loved brownies, but wasn't crazy about girl scouts so I stopped after the first year of being a green girl. love the bubble pictures

  3. Who doesn't love bubbles!!!!

    She looks adorable trying...you captured a great series of photos.

  4. little ladybug is a junior girl scout, we skipped brownies and went straight to green thanks to a new troop that formed last Fall ... like yours, it's a pretty laid back troop thank goodness - I can see the potential for intensity in the system (I see it when we go to larger GS events)! She wants to continue next year, so I guess it was just the right balance for her!

    Those photos of Aubrey and the bubbles are precious - I forgot how the little ones tip the soap bottle as they concentrate so hard on the blowing - adorable!

    and, yes, I can't wait to see oprah's last show too ... like you, I had to miss it at 4:00 and will have to sneak it in tonite - can't wait ;-)

  5. sweet pictures, never too many bubble photos! : ) we only have 2 day sof school left...yay! i watched oprah today but truthfully never hardly watch it anymore although i do love the show. it did make me kinda sad!

  6. Emily is a Brownie. We also have a very mellow troop...thank God! Love the bubble pictures, and I love your in ground trampoline! The yards are so nice and big where you live.

  7. Enjoy the last few days of school before summer time starts! The girls look so sweet - bubbles are the best!

  8. What a cool bridging ceremony!! =) My little Junior Scout earned the big bronze award this week... and that is our final hooray for Girl Scouts... soccer, flute, piano, swimming, middle school... etc etc. this momma had to maker her choose! =) I won't miss cookie sales! and I LOVE the bubbles... we do bubbles with our dog! ha ha!! =) I love the close ups of her with them!!