{Last Day of School}

we made it!
other then picking up our report cards tomorrow morning...we are officially on summer break!!
i have packed my last lunchbox for a few months and that feels good!!

this feels like yesterday

bright eyed and ready to start a new year.

today we are a bit blurry eyed and ready to start the fun of summer:)

it was a good year!!!


fourth grade with Miss. S
best friends: Kayla, Carly, Alexis, Jillian, Annie and Mara
bestest friend: Paige
favorite field trip: Chicago
favorite class party: End of the Year
favorite memory: skydeck in Chicago
most challenging moment: adding fractions
tough to say goodbye because: I had such a great teacher


second grade with Mrs. F
best friends: Kate, Klein, Catie, Megan B. , Megan H.
bestest friend: Kelli
favorite field trip: Decatur Zoo
favorite class party: Hallowen
favorite memory: my teacher
most challenging moment: so many spelling tests
tough to say goodbye because: I will miss EVERYTHING

aubrey wanted her picture taken because we were on our way to the library for "library school" 


daddy was at work so the girls had fun passing the camera around.

this summer i am looking forward to:
more time to enjoy these three
morning neighborhood walks and trips to our park
tackling a few to-do's:)
trips to the library
a real date:)
visiting family and friends
visiting the beach

i have a feeling it is going to be a great summer!
come back tomorrow for our summer list.:)

have a happy day,

last day of school 2011
last day of school 2010


  1. YAY! I LOVE this idea and the favorites from the year. Totally stealing this great idea! How amazing that another school year is gone?! And that they are still wearing sweatshirts! Enjoy your summer break Mama!

  2. Lucky you!! We have one more week. I think we/I can make it! I love the idea to post what the kids enjoyed and who their friends were.
    Enjoy your first day of summer vacation!

  3. We have a week and a half to go but it seems like it's going to take FOREVER. Your summer plans sound awesome..simple and perfect.

  4. I can see the girls have grown a bit since that first day of school last fall! I hope you are all sleeping in this morning!
    Happy Summer!

  5. Wow out already! So lucky! :-) My girls go until June 9th! These pictures are great! Enjoy your summer it will certainly fly by!


  6. Beautiful pics Cindy!! And look at how much taller Aubrey is since the start of the year :)
    I hope you guys have a wonderful Summer (I am so cold right now!)

  7. Cindy I can't believe how much your girls grew over the year. I never did the before and after school photos. Always just the first day. But now I wish I had. What a great momento and great memories for the girls. We go until June 28. But I am ready for some summer fun now. Have a great day!

  8. Hi Cindy... yea for you all!!! I love the pictures the girls took of you in them! awesome... and I love their "favorites" Can you believe how much taller Aubrey got... I couldn't believe the first day/last day pictures! Here is to a great summer for you and your precious family! ~ tara (only 4 more weeks to go here boo hoo)

  9. whoa, cindy, what on earth are you feeding those girls - they grew SO much!! can't believe you're on vacation already, we have 3 more weeks (the 15th) ... and sooooo much to do between now and then - it boggles my mind how it will ever get done!! congratulations on another successful school year - woot woot!!

  10. Yay For summer! Enjoy your sweet girls all home together. We need to make our summer list too!

  11. those pix of you with your girls are beautiful! Definite framers. It looks like your 2nd grader is bigger than your 4th grader! WOW!

    Happy Summer! We still have 2 weeks left.