{Summer List 2012}

we are officially on summer break and i must say the first two days have been rather glorious!
they have been slow, peaceful and easy.
can't complain about that.

we managed to recover from the teary report card pick-up thursday morning.
i saw janey sitting on the floor with her class listening to her second grade teacher for the last time...i could tell she was about to lose it then i felt myself about to lose it and then it was all over! the water works began:( we love that little school and we will miss it terribly till aubrey is in first grade...but lets not even start thinking about that yet k?:)

walking up the front sidewalk for the last time as a student there.

big sister offering comfort...she's been there too:(

thursday evening we headed out to dinner to celebrate the end of summer like we typically do.
ruby tuesdays again.
honestly...it really wasn't that good for us tonight.:(
every time we go out i think goodness why are we spending money on this when the best cook in the world can cook anything in the world right in our own home. i know it is the experience of it all that matters too...sitting and relaxing....no dishes to clean....everyone in one place focusing on each other for more then 10 minutes like at home...so it's all good i guess:)

my absolute fav!!!

we dreamt about our summer and started making plans.

i think it's gonna be a good one.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. a hubby who is, as i type, washing the windows:)
2. mini red velvet cupcakes
3. baskets full of clean laundry
4. slow mornings
5. my new song...if this isn't summer i don't know what is:)


  1. If you want pen pals in AZ, Lily and Micah (and even Hyrum and Evie for Aubrey) would love to do it!

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  3. aaaww, we did a giant poster checklist too for last summer's wishes - can't wait for the weekend of june 16/17 when we'll make the one for THIS summer - wahoooo ;-)

  4. Heartbreaker for sure. Eden leaves her elementary school in 3 more days and I am scared that I am going to be a mess. I love the girls hugging and the tissue clutched in her hand.
    Love the summer list...gonna have to steal ice cream for dinner!

  5. We started out summer list last weekend. They are always so fun to make. Leaving elementary school is a hard one. My daughter went through that last year.

  6. Hi Cindy, Oh those tears and sister hug... sorry it's hard. Ugh, sometimes growing up is just no fun! I'm sure the things on your summer poster you all made will help! I'm going to do that idea as soon as schools out... in 4 weeks... ugh! Happy weekend Cindy

  7. Oh friend, that picture of the girls hugging made me want to cry. So sweet and so emotional! Hugs to all of you for it being a tough day to say goodbye to 2nd grade.

    I should do a summer list. I've never made one before. I wish we could spend some time with you guys this summer!


  8. Love your list! Was Janey in a K-2 school? How does the next school break down?

  9. Hi Cindy! Aww I thought I was the only one who got upset at saying goodbye to certain things like each year at school, the kids grow up too fast don't they! How sad for Janey and seeing her all teary just pulls at your heart strings doesn't it :(
    I hope you have a wonderful summer together, what a fun list you have in place!