{Colorado :: part three}

dave has an annual work meeting in some pretty cool places.
we have traveled to orlando, salt lake, and now denver by piggy-backing a vacation onto these trips and it has worked well.
heading to the city in the middle of our camping trip was kind of perfect.
we really did get the best of both worlds on this vacation. and i must admit, the comfy beds, yummy food, and hotel luxuries were a welcome friend.:)
the first thing we did after unpacking was hit the rooftop pool.
what an amazing place this was.
we only had about an hour to swim that first day before our fancy dinner reservation, so i spent most of my time here....

...watching the action.
the water was a bit chilly for me and we didn't have enough time for me to get ready again before dinner. but boy did they sure have an amazing time.

later, we got all dressed up and headed out for a night on the town.
walking through the city was awesome.
the weather was nice and the sights were so entertaining.
the girls were a little bit in awe of all the people watching opportunities.:)

i loved the open courtyard area down the middle of the street where people cold just sit and hang out and they had these amazing pianos all over the place for people to play on. some of the songs we heard were quite impressive!

our dinner was yummy and super duper rich and fancy.
the girls loved getting dressed up to go out to eat. and they did amazing...it was a loooong meal.:)
the city was so beautiful all lit up walking home that evening.

the next morning we had breakfast at the corner bakery.
the girls loved sitting at the counter and city watching.
we decided to act like tourists and walk the city again.

we ended up over by the capitol building.

and look what we stumbled upon....

...a sea of endless food trucks!!!
dave's foodie dream for sure!:)
it was super hot that day, so we parked ourselves under an umbrella while dave scouted things out.
riley and aubrey decided on homemade ice cream from sweet cow.
man that was awesome!!!
riley had grape sorbet with real pieces of grapes in it and aubrey choose chocolate.
perfect for a hot summer day.

 dave was feeling a bit more adventurous and went for the organic beet burger.

he loved it...but of course was already thinking of ways he could duplicate it and make it better!:)
we were in a bit of a hurry to get back to swim before dave's meeting and janey was in the mood for something cold and mocha-ish so we walked back first and found just what we were looking for at peets, this cute little coffee shop attached to our hotel.

we had a moment to chill in the lobby together with our shared beverage before everyone got back.
we both loved it.

we swam for a few hours and
this time i jumped in too.
seriously...i think i made their vacation...mommy swam with them...and got her hair wet!:) ha
i guess i should do that more often!:)

{disclaimer...i really don't mean to be a party pooper,  i'm just not a water girl, and water even the slightest bit cold makes me a bit crazy! i hereby do solemnly swear to try and swim more with my girls. :)}

later that evening we had a light dinner in the room, and when dave went to his meeting the girls and i braved the city alone and walked down the street to see monster's university.
awesome evening.

we woke up the next day and hit our new favorite spot for breakfast, said goodbye to the dancing ladies out front, and headed back to the mountains.

buena vista here we come!


  1. Perfect vacation... best of both worlds! Bet you loved getting all of that city life in ya before you were back to the tent. Yeah for husbands business trips. That was Boston for us this summer except that I was alone in that city with them for 5 days... allllll day! Certainly out of my comfort zone but ya gotta do what ya gotta do right?

    Love the pool comments! They do love swimming with mommy, don't they? I always joke, what am I going to do when Abigail doesn't need me to hold her and swim with her in the water? I'm in with her every day in the summer but once she can swim... I'll be on the lounge chair just watching from there. :)

    Love the yummy food trucks and the city bakery. Can't wait for more!

  2. I can't believe how much you all did on this vacation! This part looks like my favorite...hotels, pools, fancy dinner, and a bakery breakfast...yep!

    Happy Monday, friend! : )

  3. Camping + a city trip...that's just perfect! And even though I'm not a big fan of hotels (or pools, actually...I can totally relate to your not swimming), that looks like a lovely hotel room!

    I love the pictures of your three girls and Dave walking through the city, and the one of Dave and Aubrey in the pool. So cute! And kudos to your for swimming anyway :).

    By the way, that beet burger Dave had looks EXTREMELY good. I'm a vegetarian, and one of the recipe sites/blogs I follow just posted a new recipe for...you guessed it, beet burgers!
    --> http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/grilled-beet-burgers/
    I think it would be better with quinoa instead of "flakes," as the recipe suggests, but it looks really yummy nonetheless.

    1. hi bee, thanks for sharing that recipe! I already passed it along to the master chef!!:)
      have a happy day!

  4. so much fun we had...must do it again!!!!!