{Colorado :: part four}

::buena vista::
the drive to buena vista from denver is a beautiful one.
although the terrain is a little different, more dry and arid, there is still a beauty to this part of colorado.

our tent was right next to the creek, which the girls loved and it made for the best ever sleeping.

once everyone else got back from their morning bike ride and met us at the campground we went to the hot springs. (forgot to take a picture of that sign)
this place was so neat. a bunch of giant swimming pools and hot tubs, all filled with heated water from the springs. there was definitely no chilly pool water here!

wish i had gotten more pictures here because it really was beautiful.
the second day we drove up to st elmos, an old abandoned mining town.
the drive is awesome and one we made several times as kids.

pause to check out the creek

wished we could have driven up this road too. we did this pass a lot growing up, but it's 4w drive only. we were wild and crazy back then i guess!:) i think i have distinct memories of clutching my brother in the back seat thinking this was "it" many times, (although my dad was always in complete control!)  so maybe it's a good thing none of our cars were equipped with 4wd!:)

we drove back down the mountain a bit for lunch and a hike.

today was our hottest day yet i think. some people headed out early for a longer hike to the top, while some of us hung back for the slower version. aubrey fell and hurt her knee about 15 minutes into our walk and i had to carry her back. :( poor thing. 

but it was nothing a little fishin/creekin with daddy wouldn't cure.

we decided to go out to dinner for our last night together. which felt great! and it left a little extra time for the fisherman to cast a few more.

i'm so glad he found some time carved out just for him each day to fish.
and somebody else liked it too.:)

i thought that painted tree was the coolest.

once again i'm kicking myself for not snapping a sign picture!
we ate at the most amazing restaurant. we sat right along the river and the food was great and of course the company was even better!

we went for a walk along the river after dinner and stumbled upon a live concert going on in the park.
how perfect was that??:)

it was the perfect last night together.
{insert great big family pic here! again...kicking myself!:)}
i had to snap these few our last morning together in the tent.
everyone buried way down deep in their sleeping bags...
aubrey completely off her mat..

and the perfect tell tale sign of a good camping trip...going to bed with dirty feet!:)

goodbye colorado,
you were so very good to us all this year.
we'll definitely be back.


  1. Incredible, Cindy! What an amazing vacation...your girls will never forget it!

    So many beautiful pictures, too.

    And just how glad were you to sleep in your own bed? : )

  2. Oh, I love love the picture of you and your hubby at dinner, so sweet. And love that old mining town. Anna would have enjoyed exploring up there for sure! What an amazing trip you all had. Thanks for taking us along. Ya know what's not in the posts? (cuz we all like to forget about that stuff) all of the work you and Dave did to make it happen. Figuring out the clothes to bring, the tent gear, the food, the coolers, the sleeping bags... phew... mom and dad should have checked into a spa like hotel when you got safety home :) But looking at their faces makes it all worth it.... what a trip. I can't wait to do something like that one day too.

  3. I love the cold and beautiful streams in Colorado. Your pictures are all so wonderful Cindy! Lots of good memories captured here. I absolutely am in love with the picture of Aubrey and Dave sitting by the stream. And, that painted tree....so cool. Love that a lot. We went to Buena Vista when I was little, on a church mission trip, but I hardly have any memories of it. BEAUTIFUL pictures!