{Colorado :: part five}

::heading home::
we really pushed it on the way home and stayed in only one hotel instead of two.
the girls did amazing.
there was lots of sleeping and lots of singing and lots of snacking.
aubrey actually made it the whole way without any movies!!
that meant we listened to buzz buzz over and over and over...but we were ok with that.

we knew we were home when we saw flat ground, corn and windmills!
oh and these too.
perfect little mid afternoon pick me up that got us all the way home.
home to our own beds, our own showers and tons and tons of laundry.:)
thank you baby for driving all those miles.
and thank you to my awesome family that made the trek with us and helped us have the best summer vacation ever! we will never forget it!!!:)



  1. LOVE this so much. There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of returning home after a long trip. It's like your house is new all over again. I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful, and safe family vacation. xo