{Baby Steps}

thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on yesterday's post.
didn't mean to pull at the heart strings so much.:)
such good, good friends you all are.
ok, so today was better!
we tried to keep things mellow. not a lot of talk about school, no hype and no photos. funny as were loading up the car she said...."what about all the pictures"?:) she still asked us to drive slow. so i know her tummy was feeling off. but daddy in the backseat making up silly nursery rhymes is enough to keep anyone's mind occupied. (thank goodness he was home for us again today!)
as soon as i opened her car door and looked into her face i knew she was still sad and scared. i picked her up and her tears started to come. but this time, i was ready!  this time i felt more in control of my own emotions so i could focus more on helping her.
i told her it was ok to cry and be sad and that it only meant she would miss us, but that she could still have fun and smile while she missed us. she walked in holding my hand, still feeling sad. she was really so brave when you think about it. we did our routine, fighting back some tears along the way, and found a quiet place to play. they were just getting ready to line up to go back to large group time which i think was just perfect for her. easing in that way, when she can sing a little and things are quiet for her to take them all in works so much better. dave held her hand as she walked half way down the hall then said "good bye, we love you and we always come back"!
we got our goodbyes this time and that made my heart so happy!
i could do this!
she could do this!
we were gonna be fine.
dave and i went to panera and the grocery store and i was sad, but i didn't cry like last time that's for sure. baby steps. it might even have been fun walking through those aisles.:) next time we are bringing a cooler to store the milk so we don't have to wander around  for an hour and a half!:) maybe we can go somewhere else too!:)
we picked her up and she was all smiles.
may or may not have had something to do with the mini bag of m&m's she asked us to bring her from meijer. she talked non-stop about the new little friend she made, rachel, and even wanted to open the car door again to wave goodbye. "she sits with me where ever i go...i like her"!
baby steps
when we get home it's like i can't get enough of this girl.
i wanna touch her and smell her and look in her eyes.
all. day. long.
and it makes me do crazy things too...."you wanna ride your bike at noon when it feels like 98 outside...sure! anything to be together and make you smile!":)

she sure gets the love when her sisters come home too.
"how was aubrey's day at school"? is usually the first thing they ask me!

so we can certainly say that day two was better then day one.
and i guess really that's all you can ask for right?
baby steps.
have a happy day,


  1. Oh Cindy, I just caught up on Aubrey's school experience...oh my, what a crazy first day for all of you, but seriously, I think you endured the worst!! Glad the second day was better!

  2. Glad it is getting easier, Cindy...And yes, it is fun strolling those isles. You will find things you never knew were there!

    Just wondering, does she go everyday? And is it far from your home?

    Have a peaceful day, friend!

  3. I'm so impressed Cindy, both with you and Aubrey :). I read your first entry yesterday, but I didn't have time to comment then because I was heading out. And later that day I forgot about it...whoops. I can only imagine how hard the transition must be, for both of you. You are absolutely right though: baby steps, and you'll get there! And so will she, for sure. I'm thinking back to that "visiting pre-school" entry you posted a little while ago (was it last week?) and how ready she seemed there...and now she's already making friends! Yep, that one will be just fine! :)
    I'm glad Dave was home for you guys too. Just keep going!
    All the best to all of you!

  4. Baby steps for all of you.. that's for sure! I think that was a good idea to keep the hype all low key this time. Sometimes I tell Abigail that school is just something you have to do just like shopping and cleaning and cooking is something mommy has to do. But we get it done and then we'll all be together again. ~ But boy oh boy, it's hard, just plain hard. You did great today mama! One baby step at a time :)

  5. I'm glad it was a little easier. I am late reading about pre-school here, and I read your other post, and my heart goes out to you! It's hard. I am trying not to be so dramatic about it all, but I was brave on day one of kindergarten, and now I've cried for 2 days. We will live though, right?! :)

    I love that Aubrey asked you about taking pictures on the 2nd day. That is great! I'm glad you were able to be a little more brave, and that she has made a new little friend!

    Sorry I wasn't on here the other day to lend you moral support. Hugs to you! xo

  6. That is so great to read that day two was a whole lot better!! Before you know it she will be asking to go to preschool and you will be looking forward to that little bit of time to yourself. But for now, like you said, baby steps :) xoxo