today was a good day.
it started with homemade muffins and our new favorite smoothie for breakfast.
it had to be good right?

greek key lime yogurt with strawberries and a splash of apple juice, and choc. chip muffins.

this was my first morning driving aubrey to school by myself so i was a bit nervous.
we chatted about her new friends and what she was going to play with first.
it was the loveliest conversations.
i can't tell you how much i love that.
she told me that "her worstest day was the day she threw up at school. and that it's ok if she feels a little sad...sad's not soooo bad"!
she also explained in great detail how they do snack and all about the jobs they have and wondered if they ever switch the jobs? "i'm gonna ask miss r today"!

i miss her like crazy, but i love that she now has things to tell me.
things i don't know about,  stories that i can't fill in the blanks for.
things that are just hers to tell and share.
that part is so exciting, for both of us!

i ventured into target after drop off.
now, i've been in target alone before.
but this time felt so different.
for one thing i was constantly checking the time!:) ha
i saw mommies with little ones and i didn't fall apart.
we are making progress!!

we met dave for lunch after school and that was so much fun.
she talked non-stop and
ate every. single. bite. of her lunch.
school makes you hungry i guess.

our heat has been craaazy!
the girls have had early dismissal because of the temps all week.
this one seems to be the only one who never wants to go in cause it's hot.

after school we had a friend over and there was lots of dress up, dancing and loud music drifting up from the basement. we are finally...maybe...starting to get this after school routine thing straightened out.
and lunch boxes....ugh...i'm over 'em all ready!:)

riley has her first cross country meet thursday.
wish we could all be there, but with the heat, this one's just for daddy.
they have a buffalo wild wing date all planned out for after the race.
they'll both love that!
and may i just say, this one has adjusted beautifully to middle school.
i couldn't be prouder of her.
she is growing up right before our eyes and she is just so lovely!
really lovely.

so how was your wednesday?
please share!

have a happy day,


  1. So happy things are falling into place Cindy...yay for you! And what the heck? So much heat? We have barely hit 80 all month long...

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  2. Yes she is lovely! Isn't it fun to watch them bloom?

  3. Okay... Riley looks like she's in second grade there (and that's a compliment since I adore pictures that just happen to make my girls look younger!) So happy for her adjustment to Middle School. Good luck with the Cross Country Riley. Drink lots of water! & so so so happy that baby steps are starting to move forward for both you and Aubrey. I forgot about that part that is so wonderful. They have all those new things to tell you. It's the best. & yeah for Target! How much fun! Did ya get anything for yourself or was it all paper towels and dish soap? :)

  4. My Wednesday wasn't nearly as lovely as yours. Preparing for this wedding and starting school and me starting school all at the same time is kicking my trash. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon.

  5. She is lovely, just cannot believe she is in middle school! She will be happy about that when she's 40 and looks 25! :) I'm glad you all are adjusting to the new routines. Sounds like Aubrey is starting to really like pre school! I can't believe you guys had early dismissal due to heat...that's great! I mean great for the early out...not the heat! :)
    Have a great weekend!