{The Last Few Days}

hope y'all had a great long weekend.
we did.
we got some little things done around the house.
the girls got to chill (which was sooo needed in my opinion) until they even used that phrase...."i'm bored!":)
we had sleepovers, dates, and meets.
it was action packed but really, really good!

picture day already.
yep, they do it early around here.
and actually i like that.
let's get down to schoolin!:)

this morning was a bit hectic.
making sure those outfits and hair were just so.
lots of smiles though and for that i am so grateful.
smoothest one yet i think.

riley was an absolute sweetheart. when janey's hair was giving us issues that i had no clue how to fix, our hair expert jumped right in to wet, spray smooth and pin. she was the sweetest big sister ever. she basically did every ones hair. and she did it with a smile. i just love that girl.

aubrey had a big day too.
her first "bring the teacher a birthday gift" day.

she made a card, helped wrap up some chocolates and painted her a picture.

she was so proud and so excited to share her goodies.

friday felt like such a happy day to me. these girls are filling my heart with so much joy and i miss them bunches when they are away. i ran a few errands while aubrey was at school (still seems so weird to say!) picked up some things at hobby lobby to create with...i am craving that and it makes me so happy...then raced back to get her.

my sweetie was a sweaty red faced little preschooler when i walked in.
she played hard!:)

i just love the way she greets me and i wish i could have THAT on film. i kneel down to say hello and she runs into my arms, leg locks me and just about knocks me over. now that's love!

it was friday so we went to panera for a frozen drink and a cinnamon crunch bagel. cause that's what you do on a hot sweaty friday right? right!:)

it was sooo crowded and not our usual panera which felt odd but good.
new routines and schedules call for new panera's too right?
we sat next to the sweetest older ladies. they kept looking at us and smiling. finally they said, "you have got the sweetest most well behaved little girl. she is just a doll!" of course my heart melted and i said thank you...then proceeded to show them the picture day shot on my phone so they could see the big sweet ones too. it made me feel so good inside. we moms get very few opportunities for praise for our "jobs" so it always feels good when someone notices us and says "you did good!" i try to do that as much as i can to other moms, cause i know how much it means to me...and hopefully i'll still be doing it when i'm the sweet old lady in panera!:)

later that evening janey and her best friend had a sleepover/movie night.
those two were so funny planning out this big day down to the minute.
her mom and i laughed about them on the phone all week.

percy jackson 2, steak and shake, games, giggles, and nail painting.
it was a good night.

saturday morning riley had her second cross country meet. this was the first meet i have ever been to and all i can say is wow! so many people! so disorganized yet organized. hard for me to wrap my orderly mind around all the controlled chaos.:)  how do they even know where the course is? and there are all these people walking all over the place. ha! definitely NOT a soccer game!!:) but it was so much fun!! and it made me want to run or work out or buy cute running clothes at least!:)  she did so good in spite of the 110 heat index (!) and we were so proud of her.


this of course was my favorite shot of the day!
dave, the sweetie that he is, helped me take everything out of the pantry to reorganize it.
someday we would love to repaint the inside to get rid of the last traces of "we used to live with waaay too much of this red" left in the house, but for now this will more then do.
he said we need to have the "ahhhhh" sound effects play every time we open the doors! just love it.
terrible pics i know...couldn't get far away enough in the hallway to get it all in.

dave made some amazing food this weekend, as always, but he was lovin these pork filled cupcakes!

and you can make these equally yummy though off center little mini pork-less muffins with your left over batter.

i must say that my mind is overflowing these days. i'm sure it's just getting adjusted to the new schedule and all the things that are starting back up, like dance, tumbling and soccer along with all the new things like preschool, clarinet lessons and cross country. i feel like i am running a marathon most days and when dave and i plop down on that sofa at 8:45...if we're lucky...we are beat! beat i tell ya!! but it's all good!

hope your long weekend was lovely,
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. new things to love
2. sweet teachers
3. quiet mornings
4. cooler temps are here
5. food to eat


  1. cross country sounds just like Track...crazy! But somehow the kids all get to the right spot at the right time:}

    Love the pantry overhaul...what is it about getting caught up on painting...there just aren't enough hours in the day!

  2. Lovely pictures! I love all their "picture day" outfits, especially Janey's :). Awesome.

    & I started running last year (and I'm still going strong) and buying new running "goodies" is definitely part of the fun, ha ha!

    I love the well-organized pantry...I should get on that, too. And wow, Riley, running in 110-degree weather...impressive!

    Good luck with everything you guys are doing :).

  3. Wow! Just reading about your life tires me out! But you have it all together, friend...

    Your little ladies look lovely for picture day. : )

    And just how jealous am I that you have more than one Panera around? I have to drive 2 hours to get to the nearest one.

    Love the organized pantry...I have the same baskets. LOVE!

    Have a great day, friend...

  4. Oh man do I know that feeling you all have at 8:45... same time here by the way! :) Beat! I loved hearing all about your weekend and your new routines falling into place. It's always so weird and hard to get used to new ones but we do. Love the grandma comments out and about, nothing beats that! I'm gonna be one of those grandma's someday talking to the young moms for sure! Hope this short week is a great one!!! PS~ your picture day hair is awesome Riley!

  5. Sounds like a busy but wonderful weekend!

    I have pantry envy right now! It is so organized. Our new pantry is not as big as the one I have now so I need to get creative with more baskets.

    Have a great day!

  6. Hi Cindy! Oh wow you guys sound busy but in a fun kind of way :) Your girls and all of their activities certainly keep you busy, but the smiles on their faces say that it's all worth it! They are just adorable, I say it all the time, you guys are the sweetest family and I love checking in with you and your cute blog. I apologise for taking so very long in getting back here to read, I got completely side-tracked for a few months and blogging took a back seat so now I am playing catch up!
    So expect a lot of comments from me!! So good to hear you guys are all well. I hope the girls have an awesome year at school; and little Aubrey is at preschool!? I bet you miss your little friend all day long but I am sure in time you will adjust to this new way of life...Btw, your pantry looks so neat and tidy, please come and rearrange mine for me!! ;)