{Flashing Back}

my little writer.
makes me think of this one from oh so long ago.
(of course janey wrote too but goodness i can't put my hands on that pic!! i'll blame it on the computer crash of 2007!:))

and here's a look at their first day of preschool.
just in case you're in the mood for more flash backs.:)
4 years old

not sure why in the world we didn't get any pictures with dave that day!!:(
riley was not a fan of preschool.
at all.
all year basically.
4 and a half

this has always been one of my favorite shots of these two!

janey walked right in the first day smiling.
and smiled all year.
funny how different they can all be.
i could think of a million more side by side back flashbacks to show you.
i think you might get bored though!!
but that's the mood i'm in these days so you might just see a few more.:)
have a happy day,


  1. Love this, Cindy...and I must say...you.do.not.age. : )

  2. Oh little Riley and little Janey... sooo sooo cute! I'm always in the mood for flashbacks... keep em comin!

  3. its fun to look back and see their personalities coming out even at 4, huh?!?!

  4. It is always fun to look back but oh it can be so sad too :( Kids grow up way too fast, don't you just want to bottle up every sweet moment?