aubrey and i enjoyed a quiet bagel after a rushed but happy "oh my goodness it's already 8:04 and we're not even in the car yet" morning. i think Aubrey is feeling the stress of some big little changes in her life lately. she has been a little clingier then usual and almost cried today when we found out our favorite bagel girl was on vacation for a week. poor little sweetie. my heart breaks for her and the way her little world has been all topsy turvy lately.

but we are starting to get our new routines in place. slowly but surely.
we tried the library last tuesday...but tuesday is story time for the two-year olds and i think every two year old in the county was there! nothing against lovely little twos mind you, but we were hoping for something a little quieter.
today it was practically just us.
so thursdays it is.

::big girl books::

::little girl books::

::mommy books...yep it's birthday month again!::

after that we headed to get janey for lunch.
a little too hot for picnics at the park, but we got to be together and chat and that part was perfect.
we sang silly raffi songs and laughed.
then drove by the junior high to try and catch a glimpse of riley at recess.
we found her. hanging with a group of her friends in the shade. chatting and being girls.
janey really wanted me to beep and wave...but i knew better!!:)

i think riley is finally ready for me to pick her up for lunch, so we are hoping to make tuesdays her day.

::funny little things Aubrey said today::
"it's hot out today...you should feel my school....brrr...it's like antarctica in there!"
"when you think about it, it's really a long time to stay in the same clothes you put on in the morning till you finally get to put your jammies back on."
"you know one of the best parts about being me? taking a bath."
i think someone is tired and ready for bed!!:)

tonight is 6th grade open house.
sure hoping i can make it to all "my classes" without getting lost!:)

have a happy day,


  1. Pre school is a HUGE change! I hope little Audrey adjusts quickly. She's getting so big, and soooo cute!!!

  2. Pre school is a HUGE change! I hope little Audrey adjusts quickly. She's getting so big, and soooo cute!!!

  3. I love writing down the cute and funny things that my kids say when they are little!
    Aubrey sure is growing up...I hope she adapts to all of the changes in no time :)

  4. So sweet, friend...I love all the love in your mom heart!

    I hope you get some fall weather soon...we are enjoying 60's and sun today! : )

  5. Good luck with open house tonight! :) I'm sure that Riley will show you the way before you try it on your own! So sweet. I think somehow the youngest (no matter what age) seems to have the most difficult time with transitions. Why is that? And then the oldest, seems to 'step up to the plate' with courage and sometimes ease. I know exactly with you mean about a little extra tears this week. I think our posts are so similar. And it doesn't help that we ache to have them still home with us too. Ugh, this growing up thing, no one told me how hard it would be!

    Have a lovely weekend friend, hope it's cooler soon. ~tara

  6. I love Aubrey's little quotes. My favorite is the one about being in your clothes for such a long time.

    Hope you are having a great weekend