{Weekend Glimpses}

we missed mimi and poppy at our school's grandparent/grand friend celebration this year. we packed a picnic, found some shade and made the best of it.:)


riley had a cross country meet a few towns over and with the heat and timing of the event, i went on my own. i could say the car ride through the cornfields was boring. but i'd be lying.

family...you know i love and adore you, but that hour and a half with my frozen caramel/mocha and my tunes was pretty awesome. i sang as loud as i could not caring who was watching and burned quite a few calories car dancing. do you do that? car dance? best. exercise. ever.

so proud of this girl too.
she had her first 2 mile race and beat her personal best by over 5 minutes!!
we gave one of her good friends a ride home and the giggles and sweet talk that floated up from that backseat was music to my ears too. i know i've said it a million times before...but i heart good, good friends.

the heat has been kickin' our tails again.
yesterday our car said 100.
yes 100!
and that was on the way home from picking up riley at cross country practice.
their coaches are smart and know how to handle it all...but yes, she ran in that.
come on fall already.

we have been eating good lately.
as always really i guess.
but dave turned that gargantuan zucchini into zucchini parmesan and it was pretty amazing.

hope your day was pretty amazing too,
make today a happy one,

{thankful for}
1. alone time
2. checks on my to-do list
3. ice
4. simple gifts for the girls that make them so happy
5. mondays with daddy home


  1. The heat, Cindy! Oh my...but there you are, smiling as always!

    Love your yummy, fresh kitchen countertop...

    And I love your family days, dear friend...

  2. Yay for singing (and dancing) in the car! Ha, loved reading about that.

    And wow, 100 degrees? That means it's even warmer than in Florida...it's in the 90s over here and that's already very hot, I think.

    The veggies look delicious :).

    Have a nice day!

    1. pretty sad when we're hotter then FLORIDA!!!:)
      have a great weekend bee

  3. Summer has made a come back here as well. 100's two days in a row!!

  4. Okay, the post someday you have to do is you NEW Mondays!!! So you and Dave have the whole house to yourselves on Mondays... awesome!!!! Something tells me there's a Panera stop in there! Love the rockin car drive! Fill us in.. are you a Pandora girl? What's your fav station? And a long drive alone, well that is awesome! I drive about 30 minutes to my hair place. People think I'm crazy since there are a million around town but I think I like the drive even better than the new color! I loved your happy post.

    And 100? That's crazy! Must be hitting some kind of record for being 100 this time of year. It's supposed to be only 62 here on Saturday and sunny. Me and my fall decorating bins can hardly wait!!!!

    Hope the heat kicks off soon for you so you can pull out the sweaters. Enjoy your day! ~tara

  5. Okay. Your high yesterday was 16 degrees HOTTER than ours was! We had a rainy rainy day unlike we ever have around here!

    Running in heat and humidity like you have in IL is a double whammy. Good for Riley!

  6. I am a rock star when I am in the car alone ;)
    Wow, that is still quite hot, I hope it cools down a bit for you soon. I guess the hotter it gets here for us, the cooler for you!!

  7. Drooling over those fresh tomatoes and peppers. So pretty and they look so delicious. You know I hear you on the alone time and the coffee! I'm glad you enjoyed both. :) Your girls are so sweet, and way to go on the 2 mile race!