{Tears and Flip Flops}

just when you think you've got those little morning routines figured out, something comes along to shake things up a bit.

somebody was sad today and it pulled at my heart strings.
big time.
it all started with sleeping late, which meant waking her up, which meant a groggier start, which meant a rushed morning. then throw in vitamins and a small breakfast and my sensitive tummy little one just didn't feel herself.
the tears trickled down.
and that face,
oh that face i know so well...the "i don't think i can keep this together but i'm fighting it and trying so hard" face.
seeing that internal struggle is tough!

her teachers took over and helped her keep busy.
but as i walked to the car i just knew she was watching me from the window.
and she told me later she was.

it was cute, she told me she was watching me walk away but didn't want to take her eyes off her new friend rachel in case she went somewhere else then she couldn't find her.

i tried to shop and keep my mind busy...oh how i love you target...expecting any minute for my phone to ring.
but it didn't.
can you imagine having your kids at school and being out with no phone??
crazy thought right?

i had a mission to distract me.
a mission to get flip flops.
and i had the note to prove it.

aubrey wanted flip flops just like her big sisters.

i ended up at walmart for those babies.
and you know for me to go into walmart it has to be important!:)
(no offense to walmart or anything!)

happy to say i picked up a smiley baby and she loved her $1 flips.
i scooped her up and carried her to the car and didn't want to put her down.
am i dramatic or what?!:)

we met daddy for a midweek lunch date and now everything is right with the world.
my baby is cuddled up on the sofa with her imaginary friend, ellie, her bowl of crackers and a wonder pets.

a good day after all.

hope your day was a happy one,
our 100 temps are supposed to turn to 70's on friday.
can you see my happy dance?
{thankful for}
1. texts from sweet friends to keep me going.
2. $1 heart and glitter flip flops = smiles
3. a cold coke
4. early day pick-up for the big girls (heat!)
5. no evening activities today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. awww poor thing! So glad she was feeling like herself by the time you picked her up. That is always the worst feeling leaving them at school and not knowing if they are going to be okay on days like this. Those $1 flip flops are adorable!!

  2. Oh your poor little one and poor mamma as well! It is so hard to leave them like that.

  3. Mornings are harder than I thought they would be. Sending you a big hug. I'm glad the day turned around...and I'm jealous of the 70 degree weather headed your way. Enjoy it. xo

  4. Oh Cindy... we are # 5 today... no evening activities. There's an "ice cream social" at the school tonight but since it's our first evening without a place we have to be at we're skipping! I can hardly wait! It's the simple pleasures, right?

    I know those feelings and you say them sooo well. Watching that internal struggle is oh so hard. It's like a tiny bit of growing up is happening right before your eyes. Sigh... Oh, and watching from the window, yikes, I hate that feeling. Aubrey is just so sweet not wanting to take her eyes off of her new friend. (now right there, that's a reason to blog... a tiny detail that is oh so sweet that might have been forgotten.) Yeah for the adorable flip flops and the note! Glad you found them!

    Sorry for the rough morning. I was tough on Anna this morning and hate the way I sent her along the way. I think I expect her to be perfect since she's the oldest. Anyway, I'm rambling. Enjoy your free evening! ~tara

  5. PS ~ Can we come over to scooter? It's the girls FAVORITE thing in the world!

  6. $1 flip flops, now that's a bargain!!! They are super cute too, just like Aubrey. Oh it's hard on those days when you both just want to be with each other...I am glad she had a great day anyway. Have a wonderful weekend Cindy xo

  7. Catching up with you guys and noticing that preschool has been a bit rough. Just wanted to send a virtual hug your way and tell you that preschool was very tough for my Eden. I would watch the other kids happily run into the classroom as she clung to my leg. We had sticker charts with rewards for weeks with no tears and slowly, very slowly, it did get easier. Hang in there mama.