{First Day of School}

happy happy first day!!
we did it!
even though daddy was out of town, we rallied and got 'er done and everyone was smiling.

good morning sunshine.

i was a bit worried about this one last night. bedtime had been hard for her lately and last night was a little worse then normal i think.  she was upset about dave being away on the first day and just worried and nervous in general. i think riley going to junior high and not being there for her to lean on was weighing on her heart too. last night the sobs just kept coming and she was up and down till well after 9. and that is not a good thing. my babies need their sleep...always have, and even when they are in bed before 9, i still have to wake them up in the morning.

the only thing that finally calmed her down last night was giving her the shirt off my back. literally. she snuggled up with it cause it smelled like me and drifted right to sleep. sweetness overload from that middle one. she said she wanted to bring something of mine to school, so she wore my new bracelet and my lotion so she would smell like me.


the new middle schooler bounced right out of bed at 7. class schedule committed to memory and a plan in place on when and where to meet her buds. sometimes her confidence just blows me away. she just never seems to worry. even when everything seems so new and inside i'm freaking out, she's cool and collected. to me that is just amazing.

even new/old locker issues, her books not fitting and a last minute schedule change with a move into another enrichment class (we are so proud of her and just found about this move after school!) didn't phase her.

aubrey slept through breakfast again. just like last year. when we got her up she said the funniest thing...after asking for dave who was away...she said, "i'm gonna jump in my gator and drive to the city to get daddy!"
 the pile of things waiting for janey's return seems to be growing.



sixth grade
lots and lots of teachers:)


fourth grade
with ms. s


with mommy....for one more day
with daddy out of town we did pretty good with our pictures.

ha...especially this one!!:)
we have two drop off lines to contend with this year since the girls are at different schools.
riley gets dropped off first and i can't tell you how much i wanted to walk her in. to make sure she got to her locker ok, that everything fit and that she found her first class without a hitch...sigh... thank goodness they do a really good job getting the sixth graders ready. they had a two day orientation over the summer and i guess i knew deep down she would do just fine.
aubrey wanted her to sit in the back, and the only way she could pacify her for the morning ride was to lean her seat back and play with her feet. oh the silly things those big sisters have to do sometimes!:)

as we drove up i told her i just had to take pictures. she said so sweetly..."that's ok mom...you can take as many pictures as you want...just don't get outta the car!:)" ha smart girl! that cracked me up! 
 goodbye kisses are so hard

"i promise when i get home we'll play sophia"

bye big girl!!!
and yes i was that mom...trying to snap pictures and drive through the drop off lane (safely!). they greeted everyone at the door with big welcoming smiles and put leis around their necks. i wanted that shot soooo bad.  and just for the record i did get, a very polite mind you, "please pull forward"!!:) with arms waving me ahead!! oh well.:)
we got to park and walk miss janey in cause that's just the kind of girl she is:) she gobbles up every single moment of having me around. i know that will probably change some day, so i'm enjoying it while i can.

all dropped off and ready to go.
then i looked down at aubrey and said..."its just you and me baby"

we headed to panera and the library for our very last wednesday as we know it. we have had that routine for three years. it feels so sad to say goodbye to it. and honestly, if i gave myself half a chance to dwell on it, the tears would come for sure.
they probably still will.  i know without a doubt that we will find different routines that will be good. great even. but saying goodbye still feels sad.

story time was perfect. our favorite teacher, miss betsy, always makes us smile.

our book receipt is usually her "puppy on a leash" when we are inside, then a "soaring kite" when we get outside.

after lunch we played and painted and snuggled a bunch.

i love you little miss aubrey kate!!
and look at these after school smiles!


i'd say it was indeed a happy, happy first day.


  1. Cindy...first day success, my friend. You are super mom! Your girls are beautiful, and I am loving the side bangs!

    So glad it all went well. I am also glad you and your sweetheart had one last special day. While there will be many more different ones, saying goodbye to this chapter in your mommy book is hard. I know.

    I will miss reading about you and Aubrey's Wednesdays...but am anxiously awaiting your new special days.

    Hugs my bloggy friend!

  2. Hi sweet friend! We've said goodbye to a few routines lately too, and it's been SO dang bittersweet. I feel you and know exactly what you are saying here. I just love your sweet girls, and that Janey is so precious with wearing your shirt, and then your bracelet and lotion. Bless her heart! Reading all of that just made me smile at how precious YOUR mama heart is. Love this post. xo

  3. What an amazing post. I feel like you really captured the first day perfectly!
    Poor Janey, I can relate...new things stress me out as well. Luckily, though, as soon as I'm doing the actual 'new thing,' everything is fine...and judging from that 'after school' picture of Janey, she'll be just fine too! :) Riley just looks super excited, which is awesome. Good for her! And Aubrey...she's just lovely. You gotta love the way she turns something as simple as a paper receipt into a dog and a kite! A vivid imagination is the best.
    I'm sorry you have to quit/alter your Panera routine...but hey, think of it this way: now, whenever you guys WILL go to Panera, it will be extra special! :)
    Have a nice day!

    1. thanks bee, what a sweet sweet comment.
      we made it through and things are starting to find a new routine now, which is good.:)
      hope your school days are going well too!:)
      have a happy day

  4. Thanks a lot of emotion packed into one post, am I right? Okay, lets start with your sweet Janey (who has beautiful eyes) My heart went out to her as I read that she just couldn't sleep. Looks like she ended up having a good day though. It's just getting one foot in the school sometimes I think that changes things. And a middle schooler? So cool! Riely looks like she was ready for sure! Hey, Anna has the music book too! Yeah for you Riley with that complicated schedule! You're going to be a rockin 6th grader. Maybe next year at this time you can get Anna used to the middle school 6th grade thing, okay? :) And sweet Aubrey, your turn is coming. Something tells me you're ready! Maybe you can go to Panera and to the library by yourself Cindy. Just get a book out for you, now that would be a change, wouldn't it? Baby steps, I know too well the "this is the last time" hurt in your heart. Baby steps. It'll all work out. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures Cindy and you captured the day just perfectly, you will love reading back on this someday (as will the girls!)
    Aren't they growing up!?
    As hard as it is to say goodbye to certain routines and things as we know it, you will have so many more awesome adventures ahead of you. Wishing the girls a great year in 6th and 4th grade and I really hope you and Aubrey come up with some new routines to fit around her preschool time slot :)