{Wrapping up Summer}

how are ya?
we are enjoying our very. last. day. of summer.
yep, school starts tomorrow.

dave had to go out of town unexpectedly today, so we are on our own for this one.
we are checking and rechecking school supplies, packing backpacks and getting outfits ready.
staying put and hanging out...except for a quick trip out for clarinet lessons, cross country practice and a soccer game (whew!)
tomorrow the excitement begins and I think we are ready.

I've been kind of an absent blogger this summer and that's usually the way it works for me, so I've come to expect it. I may wake up with the best intentions of getting a post out, but life happens and the lovelies pull me away and before I know it, the day is done.
but it's all good.
really all good and i'm ok with that.

we did manage to squeeze in a wee bit of fun this last week or so.
so sit back and enjoy a ton of pics and random thoughts and we'll see ya tomorrow with our backpacks on.

janey has been wanting me to read to her at night lately.
sweet little thing would love love love to be four again.

the girls buttery waffles looked so good to me the other day, I just had to have one.
daddy's messy bun before bath time
ahh.....school supplies...one of my favorite shopping seasons of the year.

slurpee makers

pool time with friends

our first time at this new pool a few towns over.
tons of summer fun

the best $20 reduced to $5 clearance item I've ever gotten from target.
meet teacher janey

riley was sending us pics from her sleepover so janey and i had to play along.
phone fun in the car
(janey brooke!)


i love girls in braids.

 janey got who she wanted for fourth grade.
( riley's former teacher)
and her best friends in her class again too.
first soccer game of the season.
and someone we know real well scored!:)
she has really grown up this summer.
i think it might be those side swept hermione inspired bangs!!:)

putt putt after the movies.
reading night time books to baby kate.
 ice cream for dinner...an end of summer tradition.
we sure did have an amazing summer and we hope you did too.
have a happy day,


  1. I'm going to copy your ice cream for dinner tradition! FUN:))

  2. Love this, Cindy! So much happiness!

  3. ahhhh... sweet summer post. Don't ya just wish that the weather would feel all fall like tomorrow morning for the first day of school? It would just be the icing on the cake. Have a wonderful last (boo hoo) day of summer. And enjoy your busy morning tomorrow. Yikes, it gives me butterflies. Mine will be back in school next Wednesday at this time, yuck! PS that pool rocks and I must say Riley is super brave on that slid that seems way up high for the drop off part. Cool!

  4. Lovely pictures! For me, classes (and teaching!) are starting tomorrow, so I can (sort of) relate. Summer is over...but the prospect of a new year with new classes, new students, and new research is very exciting.

    Speaking of new things...I love Janey's haircut. And personally, I think no one is ever too old to be read to ;).

    PS. That last picture is amazing! Such joy!

  5. Great pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful summer with lots of yummy treats.