{Preschool Open House}

aubrey had her preschool open house on sunday.
i'm honestly not sure which of our three girls was more excited.

it was a great chance for her to visit the classroom again and to explore and see some of her "new friends". we even got to practice our morning routine of hanging up our backpacks, washing our hands, and signing in.

her name above her backpack hook and her first official preschool art work.
she made this when the teacher came for her home visit.
she drew her a rainbow and a picture of what she couldn't wait to play with on the first day...the babies in the crib!:)
there were no doubts what area aubrey wanted to visit first.
the housekeeping area. personally i find that as sweet as can be.:)
janey went to preschool here too, so she thought it was super cool to be there again.
and pretend she was four!:)

i was so impressed by how at ease aubrey seemed to feel.
she flitted from activity to activity. trying to see and touch it all without much hesitation or nervousness. i'm sure she felt extra comfortable with us there. or maybe not. maybe this is just who she is and she's ready to dig in and enjoy this next part of her life.:)

this little sequence of events amazed me and i'm so glad i was paying attention and got to experience it.
after playing on the playground for awhile, she noticed this big cement tube.
she looked at it for quite awhile, and then all on her own, she ran around to the other side of the grassy hill to investigate. she bent down to get a closer look and then climbed right through. this may sound silly, but i thought for sure she would call one of us over. but no. she soared right through on her own! then she ran around again to check out the slide.

not to seem overly dramatic here (or maybe i can cause i'm the mom!:)) but it nearly brought me to tears!
my baby is ready.
she is really ready.

she kept saying things like "i'll be fine mom...i'm not gonna be sad when you leave...i'm gonna be excited! cause i get to play and jump and read and laugh! (said in that little four year old voice i love and adore so much and can so clearly hear in my mind as i type!)

our first day is friday.
i'm torn up about it.
but she's ready.
my heart is breaking and wanting to grab her and run for panera and the library !:)!
but she's ready.

so i guess i have to be too.


  1. What a darling preschool. From the sign to the slide and tube in the grass. I want to go! :) I hate to say it. But from the pictures she sure does look ready. (and I love when you wrote "I guess I have to be too") So true but it doesn't make it any easier. No new stage that they move on to is easy. And I know that grab her and run to Panera and the library feeling... it's awful. But you'll do it because you have to. I think maybe you told me this last year? But give yourself time on Friday to be sad. And then little by little you'll find your groove into a new routine. Maybe you'll never love it but you'll learn to find your happy in the new. (Spoken by someone who stinks at all of this. I already have butterflies about school starting next week... I hate sharing my girls that much) I'll be thinking of you on Friday my friend. Hang in there. :)

  2. Oh Cindy! I agree with everything our sweet friend Tara just wrote! I too will be thinking of you on Friday...as you begin your new chapter in life...but darn it anyhow...why do the chapters we love so very much have to be the shortest? She looks so beautiful in her new school...she will have so many stories to tell you when she returns to her Mama! : )

  3. Love her dress! It does get easier, really it does:). But it's never like it was,it's different and better all wrapped up together and there are days when I feel lost at home by myself!

  4. This is beautiful :). She definitely seems totally ready! I love her hair and dress in those pictures, too.

    I'm starting to think Aubrey might have your easy-going attitude (based on your previous post about the ER, and your posts in general, and now seeing how at ease she is!) which is pretty cool :).

  5. thanks bee!
    yes, most days she's pretty easy going.
    MOST days!!:)
    have a good night