it's my birthday!
i had to ask dave the other day, "how old am i gonna be again??" you could look at that one of two ways...i'm too old to remember my age or i feel so young i couldn't possibly be 46 already could i?!:)
i'll go with the second choice how 'bout you?
the night before my birthday was the big soccer game and also my parents last night.
tears and excitement and more tears kept the girls up later then usual.
i knew i was gonna need to pull out the "it's my birthday...you have to be sweet and lovely this morning and get up and ready for school cheerfully" card.
and i did.
thank goodness for well timed middle of the week birthdays.
the skies were beautiful for me this morning.
after dropping aubrey off at school, i headed for a birthday frozen mocha/carmel.

it was the best one ever.
and my tunes and a little car dancing made the moment complete.

later dave and aubrey took me out for thai.
it was super yummy.

we did all the normal stuff we usually do during the day with a little dose of birthday texts, visits from friends bringing gifts, and surprise ones coming via delivery.

dave asked me what i wanted for my birthday dinner and what really sounded the best to me was a picnic at the park. simple, easy and zero clean up!!:)

oh how i love this girl...but i'm a bit worried about what her face looks like most days in the school cafeteria!!:)

i broke my personal rule this year about getting my hair colored before my birthday.
so ignore all that "i can't possibly be 46 already" gray! and yes i tried to edit it out of the shot a few back but then realized that job's gonna take forever so i gave up!!:)

aubrey was sad because she left her card at home:(
i didn't realize she was that sad till i saw this photo.
that breaks my heart!

she snuck in a kiss and we promised a do-over at home.

lots of yummy treats, lotion, new fall shirts a scarf and slippers.

but these four are really my best gifts!

blowing out that pretend candle

it was a wonderful day filled with love.
thank you so much!!!
here's to 46.......


  1. Happy birthday, Cindy! The picnic in the park looks lovely. I'd definitely have chosen something like that as well :). Have a good weekend!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

    You are an awesome 46, for sure.

    The picture where you are reading a card...all three of your babes are looking at you with such love in their eyes...that, dear Cindy, is one of the most beautiful pictures ever.

    They love their mommy so...

  3. Happy Birthday Cindy! I was looking at these pictures thinking how beautiful and natural you are. Your family loves you so much. I hope you had a great day.

    1. thanks Traci!!!:)
      sure wish you were blogging again....I miss you and your sweet family!!:)

  4. The picture of you and Dave? Frame!!!! It's gushing love I tell you! And sweet little Aburey's sad face, awwww, poor thing! I love the happy ending though with the card at home. Picnicking for a birthday dinner is the best idea. I think I'll do that, oh wait, I'm icky frozen January! It's so dark and gloomy then! Anyway, love the girls all hugging you too. Sweetest family ever! Happy birthday friend! xoxoxoxo ~tara

  5. Happy belated birthday Cindy! Looks like you had a fantastic day....I got a little teary looking at your pictures in the park...the small things in life really are the things that matter most. Dave did a super job capturing great moments with the camera! You look fabulous...I just got my grays covered too! My roots used to get dark and then I knew it was time...no they get light....and I know it's time. :)
    We are heading to Philadelphia today for a tournament and I am hoping to stop at a Panera....I hear they have pumpkin crunch bagels and I MUST get one! Have a great weekend!

  6. You look way too young to be 46!! Love to see all the love flowing and I think a picnic supper was perfect!

  7. I agree with Gabe....you are so beautiful and you look so young! I am so glad that you had a wonderful birthday. Your birthday posts for all of your family are always some of my favorites. I love seeing how you all celebrate with so much happiness and love. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead, and I'm so glad we are friends. xo