{Insta Friday}

a great week with company, celebrations and lots of out of the ordinary goodness thrown in.

::here's a peek at our week::

riley's first middle school weekly lunch date

we love mr. putter and tabby


five guys
with four girls and one guy

janey said "take a pic so i can remember this moment."
both of them for lunch on thursday.
that might not happen again for awhile.

driving home with lily and her purple plastic purse.
janey and i are our heading out today for our annual girl scout camping trip and it looks like this time we just might have sunshine!!:) we wont know what to do without all the mud and raincoats!:)
so how was your week?
hope it was fabulous!!
have a happy day,


  1. This post just made me smile. The joys of life really are the small moments, aren't they?

    And I'm jealous of Aubrey's long hair--did you see what Eve did to hers? I posted it today.

  2. oh have an awesome camping trip with your sweet girl! So happy that the sun will shine. (I've got brighter than the sun playing in my head) I love your everyday pictures. Everyday moments captured are the best and you're so good at getting in those pictures with the girls. I can not take one good one with my cell and me in it. Funny! Abigail loves Sophia the first too. So dumb I am, waaaay back when they saw the first show I had no idea why she was called Sophia the first. Then like months later it dawned on me and an in the middle of a quiet moment I was like "ooooooh, I get it!" The girls laughed at me for that one! :) Love Aubrey scootering in her princess attire! Adorableness. And five guys, yum, we love! Have an awesome weekend, tara

  3. Catching up over here Cindy- such goodness going on! I LOVE the picture of you and your girls at lunch! Enjoy your camping trip- yay for no rain this year...that will be different! :)

  4. LOVE those blue skies, all of your smiles, THAT PIZZA, and the drawing of the girls. Sweet post, and you always have me leaving here with a smile. I hope the camping trip was wonderful! xo