{Camping With Janey}

our best camping trip yet.
sunshine and warmer temps kept us all smiling.
we had so much fun just being together.
and it's a good thing the moms like hanging out together too.
we went horseback riding for the first time as a troop.
janey was a bit scared...tears even...and that broke my heart.
i'm not really a horse person and there were moments i wanted to jump off my horse and take her with me:)
but the guide helped her out and she braved her way through and at the end she was so glad she did.
and yes...just in case you're wondering...that's where we slept.
some of us did anyway...i just kind of half way closed my eyes so i wouldn't spy "anything" out of the corner of my eye and faked it.
it was a loooooong night!:)
thanks for taking me camping janey.
i love this special time with you.
daddy, riley and aubrey had the most amazing dinner waiting for us when we got home...smoked chicken, potatoes baked in the smoker, asparagus and cornbread with jalapeno glaze with homemade lemon cupcakes with strawberry frosting. it disappeared so fast we never got a picture....:)

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  1. Oh man, I would have done the same thing, just dozing off for a tiny bit! That mother daughter trip looks and sounds wonderful. Sorry about the scary horse experience. :( Glad it all turned out okay. And that dinner, yum! Smores are yummy but there's nothing like a meal like that to come home to!