{Bike Rides and Books}

yesterday aubrey and i loaded her bike into the van, dropped the big girls off at school, and met some friends at the park near our house. we went for a 2.2 mile walk/ride that was so much fun.

we found:
dancing leaves
yellow flowers perfect for behind our ears
leaves and
seed pods.

it was a perfect "why haven't we done this before and can't wait till next tuesday" kind of day.

the scooters and bikes were abandoned midway.
part of the reason our little walk took over an hour.

but no one complained.:)
today aubrey and i ran into our "little library" looking for one of our favorite laurie berkner cds.
but of course there is no such thing as a quick little trip into the library in our world.:)
we were there about an hour and came home with some sweet, sweet books.

reading with her glasses
taking inspiration from laurie's these are my glasses song.
this one was by far our favorite.
check out the authors site too.
today my heart is feeling full.
i have so many thoughts, dreams, plans spinning around my head:
books to get
things to make/change/fluff/spruce up
dates to make
friends to call
memories to save/print/make
it's a jumble in this little mind of mine.
ever have a day like that?
or am i the only adhd dreamer out there??:)
what ever your day has brought you i hope it was a happy one,


  1. love the two of them walking hand in hand...

    glad you are feeling inspired!

  2. What a lovely day! I haven't gone for a walk in ages...I should do that one of these days. Glad it was so much fun!

  3. You are not the only dreamer out there. I love days like that when I'm happy with all the ideas going on in my head and I feel peaceful about it all. And then there are some days when I feel overwhelmed with all those dreams. I'm glad for you today is a happy dreaming day. Oh that bike ride; sweeter than sweet! Cute little friend for cute little Aubrey! Happy Thursday friend! ~tara