{Star Students and Walk-a-Thons}

this week aubrey was the star student at school.
 monday she brought in a poster of her family to share with the class.
wednesday she brought in her favorite toy (princess sofia) and a book to share.
friday we all got to come in and spend the day with her.

the girls have been looking forward to this since school began in september!:)
it was a big, big day for all three of them.
the big sisters were the hit that's for sure.
and they fit right in.
we left school, ate our lunches in the car and dashed back to sign riley in and meet janey's class for their walk-a-thon. it's their annual fundraiser and always a fun day.
we remember many a year wearing gloves and fleece coats.
not this year!
we were sweating like craaaaaazy!
but they were still smiling.

 as janey and i walked to find her class we thought about all the past years we have done this walk together.
she brought up the time in kindergarten when she cried when i left.
i thought she might do that again this year.
i think it was the 10 kisses and hugs that gave it away.
that girl is such a softie and i love her.
aubrey and i got home, cranked the air, pounded the water and snuggled up with blues clues.
she said "i love sitting on your lap and the feel of your arms".
wow...this is a good day to be me!
have a happy day,


  1. Always love the love in your family, Cindy...

    And congratulations to your special student!

    Warm here too...Bring on the fall weather!!!!

  2. What a fun idea to invite siblings and parents into the classroom! Wonderful.

    The walk-a-thon looks exciting, too. You have a great family, Cindy! :)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    1. thanks bee!
      we all had so much fun. it was tough for the big girls to head back and leave super fun preschool behind!:)