we had our last cross country meet this weekend.
it was sad to see the season end.

riley has made such progress and had so much fun with all of her friends...old and new.
the coaches are wonderful and we can't wait till next season.

so hard to get a good picture! most of the time it's just a blurry bouncy ponytail!:)

these two, on the other hand are easy!

last stretch.
not really cool finishing up a hill!

trying to catch one of her besties.

one of my faves the professionals took.:)


sweet, sweet girls!
the big girls have been sharing a room since....forever it seems.
they have loved it.
most days.:)
janey gets her room redone when she turns 10 this year, and being janey she wanted to spend some time in it before the changes. so we hauled everything out, fluffed and cleaned and got them ready for their first night solo. i could kick myself for not getting a picture of it...but about three hours later, riley had dragged in our extra single mattress and set up a bed for janey on the floor.:) i guess they needed just one. more. night.
the sleeping room.

the study room.
sunday night they were both sad and had to sleep with their doors open.
dave quickly replied..."i'm not movin beds at 8:00!:)"
i think i see some trundles in our future.
sunday our weather was simply beautiful. 
we've been waiting for this since fall began.
windows open.
everyone happy with a pep in their step.
and taking full advantage of..."it's coooold...we need hot chocolate!":)
after a few chores, we made a trip to target for more lego friends.
then dave loaded up aubrey for a fish feeding/slurpee date.

and the big girls and i grabbed a beverage (they have to share one!) and headed to some cool hip antique and consignment shops. we had so much fun. and didn't even buy a thing. riley said, " i wish this day would never end!"  and now she wants a retro manual typewriter just like the one i had.:)

hope your weekend was a wonderful one,


  1. What a lovely, wonderful weekend! Glad the fall temps are finally your way! Love the shopping with the big girls... how much fun... and so much more of that in your future! :) Funny, Anna and Abigail played with leggos this Sunday too. I think we even have the same set! Now if we could combine our sets and our kids, that would be the best Sunday!

    Congratulations Riley on your Cross Country season. Awesome job!

    Happy Monday Cindy and Family! ~tara

  2. Great weekend, Cindy!

    So happy for your Cross Country gal...

    And bedrooms? Ahhhh....We have different kids in different rooms a lot.

    Madison has her own room. But she sleeps in Peyton's. In the bed that is for Flynn. That Flynn doesn't sleep in because she sleeps with me. Or in her crib. Yes...still holding onto that. Rhett has a room. Most nights he sleeps on the couch. At least his bed doesn't need made. : )

  3. Love your posts!!! And I love cross country season because it means Fall is coming:)) Such a healthy sport too. My 13 year old is almost done with his season. Hope the girls do ok in their own rooms. My boys have been sharing forever. But I agree....nothing a trundle won't fix :)