{Bike Rides, Lunch Dates and the Grouchies}

we kept with our new tuesday tradition and got a little exercise after drop off.
these crazy fall temps have us in a jacket to start and wishing for shorts by the end.
yep...this 2.2 mile track takes us about an hour but who's counting.:)

we were on our own this morning.
no buddy to count the wholly worms with.

we still stopped to watch a few though.
and the only thing that kept us moving those last few minutes was seeing if we could see 20 before the car.
we did!

aubrey and i have been doing the sweetest thing lately when i wake her up.
when i walk into her room she pretends to be sleeping and rolls away and covers herself up.
the conversation goes like this:
mommy! (said with enthusiasm and giggles!)
and she rolls over and grabs me by the neck and i smother her with kisses.
now that's a good way to greet the day.
monday night as i was tucking her in, i think she might have talked to me about her first school problem.
"mom...when jake stepped on my foot he said 'sorry audrey instead of sorry aubrey!"
"hmmmm, what do you think you should do?"
"i dunno"
after we went through how some names are similar and that lots of people call janey jamie by accident too, we came up with what she might say.
then she shrugged and said, "maybe i could just let it go."

we picked riley up for our lunch date with warm oatmeal cookies in the car.
they were just good ol' slice n bake.
but you think they were fresh from a gourmet bakery or something.
scored some mom points there.

found yet another unexplored path in our park.
it was serene and quiet...till we got there.
and low and behold the path led to one of our favorite places.
imagine that!:)

 riley said, "quick mom, give me your phone...look at that light!"
such a beautiful afternoon together.
so here's the grouchy part.
i get home and start working on updating iTunes so i can sync my newly updated phone and it was frustrating and took me forever and aubrey watched way too much tv and i got a headache and yuck i can't stand when i do stuff like that! obsess over some totally insignificant thing and i just can't walk away from it till i figure it out!! ugh! totally ruined the rest of my day. i got it figured out and all was good, but at what cost really? my stress level was sky high and we all know if mama's havin a rough day...everyone else usually follows!:) i soooo know why that is...but totally a bummer right?

anyway...tomorrow is a no computer no phone no stress day for me!
i am playing sofia and building puzzles.
the end.
have a happy day...and if you have the chance...stay in the woods and off the computer!:)


  1. Such good advice.. stay off the computer and in the woods! From your pictures it looks like most of your day was a super great one! You're an awesome mama.... warm cookies in the car, sunshine in the trees, a pull out for lunch, and two miles on a bike with a four year old. Amazing, the day you gave them I tell you! :) But yes, the darn computer... can be such a blessing some days and then others, ugh! We've all had days like that. Isn't it always sooo hard to walk away?! And it bugs me too if they are watching tv too long so I can get something done, yucky feeling! Enjoy those puzzles and playing Sophia. Anna and Abigail were belting out one of the songs in the car this morning on the way to school! Have a happy day Cindy!

  2. I wish grad school would allow me to stay off the computer more! I do go outside whenever I can, though, so I suppose that's good enough for now. I loved this post, such a lovely afternoon...my favorite picture is the one of Aubrey biking with the sun high above her. Wonderful!

  3. Such beautiful pictures! I love that our new home is close enough that we can walk to school as well.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about letting something ruin your day. I have too many days like that. I agree that the best medicine is to unplug, and get outside! I always have a guilt feeling about not getting right back to texts or emails or phone calls, because that seems to be the way of the world now, but I'm going to start setting MY OWN RULES. :) I love the picture that Riley took with the beautiful light! That 4th picture down of Aubrey riding away is one of my all time favorites of yours. Love it. Love them all. You are a sweet mama, and the situation with her name being said wrong just touches me...you both handled it so sweetly. Boyd had an incident yesterday where a girl didn't want to play with him...he ran into her, an old preschool friend...she told him that they were playing princess and they didn't need a prince. I kind of wanted to stand up for him, but he was all like....whatever...and went off and found someone else to play with. Not the same situation as yours, but those little things pop up all the time and I don't always know how to handle them. Anyway, that was a book....guess I'm catching up over here now. lol.