so...i've dusted off that manual.
pulled up some articles and tried a youtube video or two.

this camera of mine still remains one of those mysterious little things i long to figure out.
and i will.
this is it!!:)
so today after a long convo with my friend tara, i popped on that 50mm lens and shot a few.
in manual.
::cue the angelic music::

it was fun.
but a little stressy too.
not really...just a little.
i took about 57 pics of my water bottle that were waaaay to dark.
or blurry.
or dark and blurry.
but i figured you would rather look at these.

 i'm gonna keep trying.
have a happy day,


  1. These are AWESOME! Look at her eyes! Don't put that camera down! You're rockin it!

  2. She is just adorable! Can't believe how much she's grown. These are great! Nice and clear and you've captured some great light. Keep practicing! Hope all is well with you. :)

  3. They turned out great and I know what you mean, I go back and forth still between manual and auto. It gets frustrating sometimes when I think I have the hang of it and then all of a sudden I pull them up on the computer to find out they are blurry. Practice makes perfect is definitely right for photography.

  4. I hear ya Cindy! I just got mine out too. It's so easy just to grab that cell phone! The pictures turned out great. She's getting so big :))

  5. You are one step ahead of me.

    I'm still on Auto.

    I'm scared to death to turn that switch. Like it will explode in my hand or something.

    I figure I will leave the professional stuff to the pros...like you and Tara. : )

  6. I think the pictures are great. The lighting is perfect, that is such a key! I'm still not a manual girl, ha. I say I'm almost there, I use one setting away from manual. My big camera only makes an appearance every once in a while. I still love it, but I sure am thankful for the camera on my phone. Hope you have fun practicing. You are a natural! xo