hi there and happy almost friday.
today we enjoyed a pretty normal day of panera, the library and lunch with janey.
it was good.

i spent some time with the camera.
and i'm apologizing in advance for all the random photos you will have to endure over the next few weeks while i attempt to find my way.

it has been such a pretty week.
hoodies in the morning and shorts in the afternoon.
almost perfect in my book.
i'm a jeans and hoodie all day girl myself.


we had appetizers for dinner and dave made the most amazing hummus.
do you do hummus?
this stuff is to. die. for.

today the big girls have a day off...monday too for that matter...and this little one doesn't .
with different school districts that will happen a few times this year.
we had a big talk about it and she seems ok with the fact that they get to drop her off and pick her up.
knowing her i'm trying to down play it all and just roll with it.
hoping it all goes easy peesy tomorrow.

looking forward to some time with these two.
finalizing halloween costumes and looking for fall photo shoot outfits.

have a happy day,


  1. Your pictures are beautiful, Cindy!

    And I am a sweats and t shirt kind of gal myself.

    If I put jeans on in the morning, my kids want to know where I am going all dressed up.

    Enjoy the fall weather...and your sweet little ladies.

    Oh and your mantle is awesome! We should do a mantle decor link up. Except I don't know how. : )

  2. Don't apologize for posting "random" pictures; I love them all! They're so sharp :). No days off here, unfortunately, but that's ok. At least the weather is getting a little cooler here (in FL) too. It's starting to feel like Fall :). Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I'm definitely a jeans and sweatshirts kinda girl too it's just so cozy wearing those :) Oh and appetizers for dinner is always my favorite, super easy and nobody complains!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  4. Look at you... rockin the camera with the blurry background! Awesome shots! You've got this nailed!

  5. I love all your fall decorations. I still need to get some mums for my front porch.

    Have a wonderful weekend Cindy!

  6. Pretty pictures! I LOVE hummus, and that looks delicious. Love that green pumpkin in the last shot too! I think I've lost my blogging mojo....forgive me for not coming around as often. You know I still love ya! xo