{Insta Friday}

::happy friday friends::
this post should probably be subtitled "how many pictures can you possibly take in the car?":)
not much going on in the way of creative shots this week that's for sure.
so far so good on the own room thing.

that's what she says as she zooms past with one foot in the air.

::car dancing::
let her out of her seat in the very long car pick-up line to dance.
big mistake.
huge meltdown when it was time to buckle up again.

::getting lost::
picked janey up for lunch on thursday, they both grabbed a book from our library bag that was in the car and that's all she wrote...not much chit chat that day.:)

so i enjoyed my "i shouldn't have bought you" coke in silence.

she reads a story while doing hair.
perfect future mommy skills right?.

::picking up::
aubrey loved having the girls there to pick her up from school today.
she said "make sure you run to me, like i always run to you when i pick you up."
it was the sweetest.
then we went to panera for a quick bagel/mocha snack.
we sat there for waaaaay to long laughing waaaaay to loud as they took waaaaay to many silly pictures of each other's funniest faces.

then we drove home the back road country way and jammed our favorite girl tunes...
like this one and this one...
at least three times each...
while janey and aubrey drummed on their new boot shoe boxes.
good stuff i tell ya.
this weekend i am heading to the city with a friend for a little shopping.
we may need to dodge a raindrop or three.
but at least it's the city.
other then that...not much on the agenda and that's a good thing.
have a great weekend,
read this beautiful post by my sweet, sweet friend and you might just have an even happier weekend.:)


  1. caught up on all your goings on...
    thanks for sharing your friends sweet post...loved it! And I can attest that even my bigs still need me every once in awhile, it make me feel good.
    love that your girls still want to room together...it reminds me of my boys, they didn't get their own rooms til we moved here, and they spend more time in each other's room than their own!

  2. Yes...I too made the mistake of letting my babe out of the car seat during the long pick up wait.

    I too suffered the wrath.

    And I wondered how sound proof my van was, too. ; )

  3. Don't you know I clicked on that last part to read that "post from a friend" waiting to be inspired?! Funny!!!!

    You are such a jamming Mommy! I tell ya... that is one of the many many things that your girls will talk about when they're all grown up. "Remember when Mommy always had the music on in the car and we all danced in our seats? And remember when we went to Panera on special days?" You sure do know how to make the little things count. I'm inspired everyday here! Every day! xoxoxo tara

  4. Ok, the car dancing picture is AWESOME. Maybe not worth the fit throwing that followed, but I'm glad you got this shot. It just makes me smile. I hope you had fun in the city! I will go check out that blog link now. Have a good day Cindy!

  5. ps. The other day I had a "i shouldn't have bought you" sweet tea. I'm going to laugh now every time I buy a naughty drink! :)