{Long Weekending}

this weekend was the best.
really awesome.
blue skies and windows open kind of awesome.

bummed i didn't pick up my camera more...for the practice, for the memories....but that's ok.

saturday picnic with daddy while i was away

had a great time in chicago with my bud.
we hit world market, land of nod, and ikea!
three of my faves.

i have only been to ikea one other time and holy smokes that place is cool.
funny...when dave picked up our new stools he was in and out in about 15 minutes.
we were there about 3 hours! and if it had been earlier in the day it might have been longer.:)
i only bought two little things, it's just so fun to look around there.

didn't make it into the lego store...hopefully next time.
we had amazing food, great tunes in the car and good conversation.
oh...and very few raindrops to dodge!

sunday we got some things done around the house and pretty much stayed put.
that felt good, especially after my day in the big city.:)
rainbow looming
dressing up
making food
cleaning up food
mowing the lawn
cleaning the garage
doing laundry
you know the drill....

dave cooked and baked so much this weekend.
oatmeal cinnamon cookies
banana chocolate chip muffins
baked chicken and mashed potatoes (he seriously rocks this meal and everyone loves it!)
pizza...need i say more.
candied tomatoes for later in the week
smoked some salmon then dehydrated it
homemade marinara sauce and grilled sausage

janey finished book four so we watched the movie sunday evening.
then the girls had a sister sleepover.
of course.

monday aubrey had school again and the big girls didn't.
she handled it all so well and was so glad to see them at pick-up.
daddy had aubrey time and i took the girls to the music store and the book store.
oh how i love the book store.
put me in that children's section and i never want to leave.
then we headed to the library to check out all the amazing new books we saw.
we are sooooo sneaky that way!:)
it was such a wonderful three hours.

then i got home and felt guilty and terrible for how little time i spent with aubrey this weekend.
and i could tell from her clinginess and whininess that she missed me.
we snuggled at night and talked about what tuesday would be like and all the things we would do together...just me and her. we always whisper to each other..." it's just you and me!' and giggle like it's our secret. is that wrong? to make one child feel like they are your favorite??? can't decide there. i think i read it in a book somewhere about all the siblings talking when they were older how mom loved them best!:) i guess that's what i was goin for! if they all have the feeling i guess it's ok right?:)

hope your weekend was wonderful!
have a happy day,

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  1. So glad you had the BEST weekend ever! Makes me happy my friend. And I do the same thing... secrets to each of them so they think they're extra special. Love that it was happy for you!!!